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Writing a Cover Letter For a Research-Based Job in the Field of Biotechnology

You want to establish a promising career in biotechnology. You have prepared an excellent resume suiting this purpose that is adorned with your work experiences and effective testimonials nevertheless; you find it difficult to set your foot. In order to present your skills, craft a striking cover letter to grab the interest of the recruiter so that they are compelled to set up an interview with you. Here is an example of a potential cover letter.

The Applicant’s Name,

Current permanent address,

Current contact number,

E-mail address (not mandatory)


(Contact Information of your recruiter)

Date: 21st June, 2010.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. Xyz,

I was pleased to discover on that the FCG Biotech Company has an opening for the post of Research Assistant in the field of Molecular Biotechnology. I believe that my credentials and my concerns go with your requirements. I have just finished my graduation this May and I want to apply for the mentioned vacancy.

As a Biotech Engineer, I have completed my studies in Genetic engineering, Micro biology, as well as, in Mathematics and Molecular Chemistry. I am presently drawn in a research assignment based on Pharmaceuticals at the Jesus and Mary Hospital, California, scrutinizing the affects of drugs on children, Genetic disorders, blood cultures for metamorphosis and Recombinant DNA technology. The previous year, I had a chance to work with PGC Pharmaceutical Company, where I contributed in Antibiotics Development and Research Studies.

I have a three years experience in the field of Biotechnology as a Teacher at the St. Agnes Convent School. I get all the errands concerning biotechnology. I am capable of working in a team as well as individually. I am able to put in efforts under pressure.

Besides my experience in the field of research and teaching, I am also involved in some extracurricular activities which include my communal services for the Society of Girls, where I actively organized a Women Scouts Day. I think that I present acute communication expertise and the aptitude to build a strong judgment according to the project needs.

You possibly are interviewing other prospective employees working in the same field. However I expect that you will not craft your final decision until I can discuss this trade with you and present my professional skills.

My Credentials are enclosed; I am awaiting an opportunity to meet you, in order to discuss this prospect. Please feel free to contact me on my number: 001-4678903 to call for an interview as per your convenience, in case you believe that I can make a potential employee. I am sincerely thankful to you, for considering my application.


The Applicant’s Name


1. Curriculum vitae

2. Documents of qualification

3. Experience letters

4. Academic certificates.

So, I am sure that by now, you must be having an idea regarding a cover letter. I feel you will succeed in this task! So, Good luck!

Source by Shophia Loren

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