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What Are 7 Ways to Add New Life To Your Home?

All of us wish we could completely redesign and redecorate our home all at once, but unfortunately that is just not possible for most of us. Instead there are some quick and easy ways to bring new life back into your living space. At the same time it will feel as if you did more changes to your living space than you actually have.


I know, I know painting is not that much fun for most of us but adding a new color or just a fresh coat of paint can really liven up a room. The wear and tear we put on our homes just by living there can add a dull tone. Although if you are going to paint you might as well add a new color that will add more character to your room.

Crown Molding

You watch the home improvement fixer upper shows you are always here about crown molding. It can add so much to a room. If you find that your living space is missing crown molding you’ll find that by adding it to your room it dramatically changes it!

Area Rug

Sometimes you can simply add a beautiful area rug to your living space and it changes the whole look and feel of the room. You can try adding an area rug with a splashes of bright colors to add a great accent color to the room.

Decorative Pillows

The new fun thing to add to your living space sometimes depending on even the season or holiday is beautiful fun pillows. You can pick an accent color or a fun pillow with an animal image on it. Try finding a coastal design if you want to move to that type of decor. There are so many options in buying pillows now that you’ll find you are enjoying it a lot!


Splurge and go buy yourself some beautiful aromatic flowers. In doing this I would suggest taking a bit to find a fun decorative vase to put them in that will add to the new style you are moving the room to. If you aren’t too big on fresh flowers try purchasing a decorative wreath or some other type of green foliage.

Wall of Images

Something that is becoming more and more popular is selecting a wall in your room and adding a collage of images. Take some time selecting your favorite family or friend images and celebrate those memories by including them into your decor.

New Lighting

By adding new lighting it will open up your room and bring a new atmosphere to your space. You can do this by adding new accent lamps on your side tables or even adding a large decorative mirror on the wall. Mirrors can add more natural lighting to a room which gives the perception of that your living space is actually larger than it is. Great tip if you are feeling a little crammed and can’t figure out if you need to remove furniture.

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