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Welding – Essential To Our World

Cars have become an essential part of most people’s life and without them the world would be so different. Welding is the main part for cars and without the technology of welding cars would not be safe or stable and more likely would not be around. In this paper it will be explaining the different types of welding in the world and how it is used in the car industry and how it is important and essential for a car to be built. The world relies on welding so much weather its for big things like building structures or just small things like gates but these things are seen as very important to the world.

Many people to not think twice about welding, but in the world we live in today welding is an essential tool for many of important things and mostly the Automobile trade. When studying and researching welding you learn how passionate people are about the trade welding and how important welding really is to the world. People see welding as something anyone could do but just like any trade welding is a craft and takes a long time to master the trade. Without welding there would be no automobiles in the world and no real transportation in the world and cars etc. have become an essential part of everyday and most peoples lives. There are many different kinds of welding both the two most used and important ones are TIG and MIG welding. Many journal and article explain how important these 2 are in the world. Welding is now the main tool in the world with out it there would be no kind of transport mobile in the world and that would be a big burden on people’s life. Welding is the key tool to any manufacturer in the world and mostly to transport.

Welding has been around for many of years, it is known as one of the oldest trades there is for example blacksmiths are seen as forge welders.Welding is seen as a craft to most professional welders, you can not just pick up a welder and stick 2 metal pieces together, you need to do it a certain way so that it is holding together as strong as possible. What ever way the metal is sitting then you welds different ways. Henry Cavalan gives a great description of what exactly welding is “The process of joining metal surfaces by heating them in a forge until they are slightly molten, then hammering them together on the anvil. Good forge welds are very strong, beadless, and may be impossible to detect with the naked eye.”(Cavalan) Looking at that quote if anyone wanted to know what exactly welding is that explains it perfectly. So to sum up what exactly welding is it’s the process of joining to pieces of metal to form a single piece of metal but there is many different kinds of welding but the 2 main welding tools are TIG and MIG. Without these 2 welding forms there would be no cars, buildings or pretty much anything that is made of metal

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