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Various Handrail Materials

Some homeowners may not give proper attention to handrails but this tiny detail in your deck railing also has a big contribution to the overall functionality and style of the deck. Handrails are purposely designed to provide safety to homeowners as they climb to the deck. Apart from this, they also provide greater style to the deck and railings as well. You can easily find a handrail that covers both style and functionality without compromising its cost. With the advent of technology today and the gaining popularity of deck and outdoor living, manufacturers have found ways to let ordinary people afford the elegant and functional handrails and other deck components.

Today, handrails are made from various materials so you can have the freedom to choose of a handrail that would blend with your personal style and your needs as well. Some of the materials used on handrails today include wood, iron, steel and aluminum. All these offer many advantages so you just need to properly and meticulously study all these materials in order to reap the best benefits.

In the early days, handrails are only made from simple pieces so they are often ignored by many, giving greater importance on the appearance of the deck and railings. They are just simple pieces of pipes that are installed next to the walls, stairs, and ramps. But today, you can find handrails that are made from steel, wrought iron, aluminum, wood. Apart from this, handrails of today are elaborately designed. Homeowners can now choose from the excellent array of designs and materials of handrails. Even contractors and architects can help you find the best design in order to complete the look and feel of your stairs.

For those who are still novice when it comes to choosing the handrails whether for stairs, balconies and other applications, there are some considerations or factors that one has to know including the local regulation, cost, maintenance, design and a lot more. To know the codes of your area, you may consult to the accessibility standards that are included in the Americans With Disabilities Act or the ADA for the stairs and ramps. In most cases, the recommended dimension of the handrail is already included and the height should be between 34″ and 38″.

Handrails today are offered in steel, brass, glass, wood, banister and balustrades. Some actually prefer to use handrails that are made of metal while others want to have a more elaborate design such as the ones made from glass, iron and wrought iron. Meanwhile, the balustrades were once made from concrete and the cut stone are now made from materials that are light weight.

The metal handrails are preferred by homeowners who want their handrails to last a lifetime. You must know that wood and glass may easily break or succumb to damage. And the wrought iron can be relatively expensive and may need regular maintenance so this is not a practical choice.

As a conclusion, handrails must be durable and attractive enough so you can achieve full satisfaction.

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