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Variations of Pull Up Exercises for Strong Arms and Back

The Pull up exercises involve pulling up against your own body-weight while gripping a bar with your palms. The exercise is a form of strength training one is able to do to gain upper body strength and build muscle. The drawback most people experience with pull training is toughness. Beginners find it hard to do even one pull of the exercise. During exercise, a person lifts his/her body weight against gravity resulting to stress on the body muscles. This stress grows the muscles of back and arms. An athlete in any sport of grappling, gripping and pulling e.g. rock climbing will benefit from pull up training. To be able to do the pull exercises, one requires a power rack with the pull up bar or any other surface one is able to hang from at arms length does just fine for any pull up training.

Close grin Pull up

  • Close grin pull up training is performed by grabbing the pull up bar with the palms of ones hands, facing down. The hands are either placed right next to each other or spaced comfortably apart.
  • The body is then pulled up using one’s back, which results to a strong contraction of the body muscles. The pull up ends when one reaches on top of the arm.

Parallel grip pull up training

  • One grabs the bar with palms of the hands that face each other. The position brings ease on the joints and feels natural on the shoulder, wrists and elbows.
  • The body is then pulled up using the back resulting to strong contraction of the muscles. The pull is finished on top of the arm.

The parallel grip pull adds additional resistance when one uses weighted pulls

Shoulder width grip pull up exercises

Shoulder width grip pull up is the best position to train when one wants to grow strong arms and back. The shoulder width grip pull is a natural position that makes the body feel engaged at the lower upper back and allows additional weight on the body muscles without putting so much stress on the biceps. The shoulder width grip pull exercise is a good way to prepare for muscle strength exercise because it starts with the same movement as the shoulder width grip pull up.

  • Take a firm grip on the pull up bar, the width between palms wider than shoulder width. One should find a distance that feels comfortable to hold on.
  • With the arms fully extended, the body is pulled up until one’s chin reaches about the level of the bar.
  • This position is hold on for a second before one lowers the back to the starting position.

One should breathe in before the start of the repetition; air is expelled powerfully while pulling the body up.

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