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Use Silver Coated Copper Wires Instead Of Traditional Copper Wires – Here’s Why

Copper wires are most preferred choice of industries dependent on the electrical wirings and applications. The main reason behind that is high electrical conductivity of this metal. This feature of copper allows easy passage of electricity without any excessive buildup of heat. For the cable industries copper is the raw material, using which the industries innovate new solutions. Silver Coated Copper Wires are one of them having best features and numerous advantages. Apart from this, copper is also used for the fabrication of various machineries for its strong structure.

Amazing Benefits Of Using Silver Coated Copper Wires Instead Of Traditional Ones:-

  • Conductivity And Heat Resistance: When it comes to electrical conductivity silver material beats the copper materials. While comparing wires to other non-metal, copper wires can bear better great load of electrical power providing less insulation and armoring. They have high resistance to heat when eliminating most issues of overloading. Such material also has high resistance to corrosion. The heat resistance property allows the material to avoid problem of overheating as well as the short-circuiting.
  • Malleability And Ductility: Copper is the highly ductile material and this property helps to draw thinner wires like human hair strands. Malleability is the property, which allows it to bend into different shapes without breaking. They are tough enough to provide flawless application through various industries including chemical, pharmaceuticals, electrical, etc. With these properties, you can manufacture both thin and thick wires required as per the application of the industry you are engaged in.
  • Avoid Tarnishing: It refers to the loss of luster due to the excessive exposure to the moisture or air. In the presence of oxygen, the process of oxidation occurs in which the material starts turning its color as result it is layered with the thin coating of rust. The additional coating of silver on the copper wires helps to delay the process and prevents it from degrading. Even if the layer of rust attacks the material, it doesn’t lose its functionality at all.

Flexibility And Wide Applications: The copper wires are flexible enough to change its shape and get molded without any breakage. No matter how complex your application is, the wires are strong enough to bear all the pressure. Almost every electrical application is dependent on the copper wires but people are nowadays opting for modern silver coated version as they have eye-catchy luster and posses better features than traditional ones

Source by Nitin Pratap Singh

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