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Types Of Oil Skimmers

A skimmer is a machine that is utilized for separating a liquid from particles floating in it or from another liquid. The most common usage of skimmer is in the form of oil skimmer which is used to separate oil floating on water. This technology is used for oil spill remediation but is also commonly found in industrial applications such as removing oil from machine tool coolant and removing oil from aqueous part washers.

There are mainly three types of oil skimmers such as weir and oleophilic and non-oleophilic (disc, drum, belt, tube, brush, mop, grooved disc, and grooved drum). Weir skimmers allow the oil floating on the surface of the water to flow over a weir. The height of the weir is adjustable. This device will collect water when oil is no longer present. These are also available in floating, self-adjustable variations. And they are very efficient as they can be used in changing water levels as well. With the help of the adjustable feature, it is able to efficiently remove thin or thick layers of oil or pollutant. These are suitable for permanent installation or emergency oil spill response situation, due to their light weight and ease of transportation. Also, it only requires a person to monitor its functioning. Hence, it’s easy to use.

The oleophilic skimmers function by using a rotating element such as a drum, to which the oil adheres. The oil is wiped from the surface of the drum and collected. They are very efficient and do not pick up any appreciable quantum of water even when oil is not present. These are distinguished by the component that they use to collect the oil. Ropes, discs, or drums are treated with a substance or otherwise manufactured to adhere to the oil. These are suitable for permanent or temporary installation.

The last is the Non-oleophilic skimmers which also do the same job as the above two, i.e., to separate oil from water. But its distinguishing point is again the component that it uses to carry out the separation. A metal disc, belt or drum is used in cases where an oleophilic material is inappropriate, such as in a hot alkaline aqueous parts washer. It is generally turned off whenever there is no oil to skim thus, minimizing the amount of water collected. Metal skimming elements are nearly as efficient as oleophilic skimmers when the oil is present.

Another type is the hand held oil skimmer. It is used to recover oil and pollutants where access is severely restricted, such as drains, manholes and sumps. The best benefit of this is that it is really light weight. That is also the reason which makes them ideal for emergency response in case of oil spill situations. These are suitable to use with a self priming pump. It is a suction machine which has incredible performance. It can run without harm during dry suction, is self compensating for wear and is simplistic in its design.

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