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Travelogue on Taj Mahal

After my second visit to India I realized that the small town of Agra is worth visiting. The city is having many such special traveling delights like Taj Mahal and spicy foods as I am fond of. Our flight landed in Delhi International Airport during the morning hours on 13th May. After we reach Delhi in the fresh mornings, we were received by one of the representative and we were shifted in the hotel which was booked for us in advance.

In Delhi, after we took refreshment and rest we were accompanied by the representative for the shopping like handicrafts and some ethnic. When our shopping got over in Janpath Market, we were looking for some Indian eating out place. Then suddenly, our representative helped us in this. We found a very nice eating out place in Connaught Place in Central Delhi. After having our dinner out, we got back to hotel for overnight stay.

On the next day morning that is on 14th May, in early morning at four, we drove to Agra for experiencing the beauty of ‘seventh wonder of the world’. During the morning, at around six we reach Agra. Reaching Agra during the morning hours is considered to be the best as the gates of Taj Mahal is opened at six in the morning to see the exotic beauty of sunrise and sun rays looks so beautiful on the white marble of this mausoleum. The same magic is created at the time of sun set also. Trip to Taj Mahal was truly amazing. When we approached towards it, a man came towards us and asked about clicking the snaps. The monument was established by Shah Jahan in the year 1631 for his eternal love Mumtaz Mahal. It took around 20,000 laborers and 22 years to complete. The son of Aurangzeb was put next after Mumtaz when Shah Jahan died.

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