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Top 7 Basic Features Every CNC Milling Machine Must Have – Important Note for Consumers

Many manufacturers are aware of precision machining that explains the increasing demand of machining centers – particularly CNC milling machines, which seems to have important role in producing high precision components fast, precisely, and accurately. Since there are different types of advanced milling machines that are available in the market, here are some basic features of these machining centers that you should know:

1. It exists in two different forms – It is basically manufactured in two different forms which are designed based on the positioning of the cutting tool (or commonly known as spindle). Therefore, when the spindle performs cutting horizontally – it is known as horizontal milling machine, whereas the vertical machining center has its spindle positioned accordingly.

2. It involves versatile movements of both cutter and work piece – Unlike conventional machining centers; the milling process involves controlled movements of both work pieces and cutters based on the integrated software control. Thus, such set up can actually perform complex parts production based on versatile cutting movements. This explains the CNC milling machines are available in different models – 3, 4, and 5-axis machines.

3. Its operation is solely based on its integrated software control system – Most CNC milling machines are programmed to perform intricate milling operations as to minimize contact between the operator and the cutting tools. Therefore, operators must be trained to master the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) as well as G-code programming, to ensure that the components are precisely produced based on the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) design.

4. It has standard and replaceable tooling – Since these machines are used over a long period of time to machine components on a large scale, such machines have to be maintained on a regularly basis. Therefore, there are standardized accessories and cutting tools that are available in the market which are manufactured by respective CNC machining manufacturers.

5. It is available in various sizes based on the sizes of the components – Basically, you need substantial spaces to accommodate these machines. In spite of their bulky appearances, these machines have different sizes which are custom made for producing various component sizes respectively. Please take note that large size CNC milling machines are meant for producing large parts, and vice versa. Apart from that, these machines are indeed heavy as their frames are made of high grade cast iron.

6. It is commonly consists of two types of Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) – Normally, a cutting operation involves regular tool change in the CNC milling machine. Newer machine models contain swing arm ATC, which perform tool changing process faster than older models that have umbrella type of ATC. Certainly, faster tool changing process able to increase precision of the parts production. In addition, most advance milling machines have swing arm ATC which provides you more space to work.

7. It has an effective chip management – Most of these machines are able to get rid of costly cleanup and protect both components and tools because of their productive chip management. Additionally, these machines have specific coolants that can prolong the lifespan of the tools.

If you are planning to purchase CNC milling machines for your business, always take note of the feature of the machine and request quotations from various machine suppliers in order to look for a better deal.

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