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The Need For A Guardhouse

Guardhouses are something not just seen surrounding military installations, but also around power plants, large business, warehouses and factories. Why do these places have guardhouses? Are guardhouses even needed? Structures used by security personnel serve a variety of functions, but the overall reason is safety.

Guardhouses are typically placed near the entrance of a parking lot or building. From these guardhouses (or guard shacks) a security guard can monitor who is coming and going from the facility. The security guard should be one of the first to see someone entering or exiting the facility and should also be able accurately asses a security threat.

Alternatively, a security guard may also be the first representative of your company that guests and potential clients may see. As previously mentioned many companies choose to keep their guardhouses at the entrance to properly check those entering the facility. It is important to hire guards that excel in customer service and have a degree of training.

So why should your company have a guardhouse? The guardhouse gives the security guard a place to operate from. It also provides a means to house things like security equipment, surveillance monitoring equipment, and computers. Like many things, guardhouses offer a high degree of customization with many different design options ranging on price and size. Adding climate control, lighting, doors, and windows is quite easy.

Some guardhouses can be permanent structures, but others take advantage of the benefits that come with modular construction. Many modular guardhouses have the unique flexibility to be moved to different locations or easily added on to at a later time. Additionally, modular guardhouses offer some unique tax advantages not associated with traditional building methods.

Furthermore, modular built guardhouses offer a “green alternative” to traditional construction. As with most modularly built objects, modular guardhouses are built off site by skilled professionals. After the structure is finished it is then shipped on site and installed according to the needs of the company. This leads to a construction process that is minimally invasive and produces far less waste than traditional methods.

So the big question is, does your business need a guardhouse? Have you ever had incidents of theft, vandalism or intrusion? Would you like to prevent those things from happening to your business? Guardhouses and security personnel help ensure safety in the workplace as well as take a proactive stance against potential crime. Do some research and find the best type of guardhouse for protecting your facility.

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