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The History of The Fire Extinguisher and Other Burning Issues on Extinguishers

Experts are still groping for plausible explanations and answers as to when did man was able to developed the capacity to make fire. Meanwhile, there are schools of thought arguing that man did not invent fire himself but only captured natural fires. The explanations regarding how and when did man got his first experience with fire are varied, but scientists and experts agree that fire significantly improved human lives.

Along with the advantages of fire come its perils. These drawbacks does not only include damage to property but also human casualty. The most famous fires that occurred in the last few centuries confirm how threatening fires can be when it goes beyond man’s control. The most famous fires include the great fire of London, the San Francisco earthquake fire, and the the great fire of Chicago. The San Francisco fire is the most disastrous with a total of 3,000 people killed and 300,000 structures destroyed.

Man invented fire extinguishers to keep fires from threatening his properties and his existence. Unlike the history of fire, there exists a collection of facts about fire extinguishers. If you are interested about fire fighting and would like to know more about what will be your first line of defense against fire, you might find the following facts about fire extinguishers interesting.

– 200 BC – Ctesibius of Alexandria found it necessary to deliver water to a fire fast and without delay. He invented a hand pump for the purpose.

– The Middle Ages – During this period, squirts were invented and became a popular against fighting fire. Squirts is a fire fighting instrument that has the ability to apply jets of water to fires.

– 1723 – A chemist named French C. Hopffer invented the automatic fire extinguisher.

– 1819 – Captain George William Mandy invented the first version of the modern portable fire extinguisher.

– 1866 – A Frenchman named Francois Carlier came up with an extinguisher with a cylinder containing a mixture of water and bicarbonate and a separate bottle filled with sulfuric acid.

– 1881 – Almon M. Granger invented a soda-acid fire extinguisher.

– 1905 – A Russian named Alexander Laurant invented the chemical foam extinguisher.

– 1912 – The carbon tetrachloride extinguisher was invented by the company Pyrene.

– 1924 – The Walter Kidde Company invented the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

– 1928 – A cartridge-operated dry chemical extinguisher was invented by the company DuGas.

– 1940 – Germany invented a fire extinguisher designed for use in aircraft. The extinguisher contains liquid chlorobromomethane.

Debates as well as further studies on the issues surrounding the history of fire and its significance to man may still continue, but the dangers of fire and the extent of destruction it may cause have long been ascertained. Whatever new findings and conclusions about fire that may be established in the future will definitely be compensated by new fire extinguisher technology. At present, the fire extinguishers and the rest of the fire fighting equipments available are more than enough to fight any type of fire that may threaten man.

A fire extinguisher at home and in the workplace can stop a fire from becoming famous.

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