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The 5 C’s of Patient Safety

Patient safety has been near the forefront of the health care movement as the number of medical malpractice cases have increased at an alarming rate over the years. It’s a challenge to pinpoint exactly how this happened, but all we know is that things need to change.

There are organizations like the National Patient Safety Foundation that are gaining ground in spreading awareness across the healthcare industry in addition to developing tools and resources for medical professionals to support them in their work. Many healthcare providers and hospitals have participated in the annual Patient Safety Awareness week hoping to educate everyone on the importance of quality medical care for all people.

Patient safety involves many things including these five C’s:

Care – Medical professionals have to truly care for their patients and be concerned for their health. Why do this kind of work if you don’t care? You have to put the patient’s well being above everything else.

Oftentimes people make mistakes because they are starting to feel burned out or overwhelmed by the work load. If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to look into doing things to destress everyday and find more balance in your life.

Consideration – This ties in with caring for people. Be considerate of everyone – patients and colleagues – you come into contact with. Be mindful of their time and appreciate the time spent with them. As John F. Kennedy once said, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

Communication – It’s been said that lack of communication is one of the top reasons why a patient files a malpractice claim. There needs to be clear, open, and honest communication between a medical professional and the patient. If a mistake is made, take ownership of it. There must also be constant communication between medical colleagues.

Collaboration – It’s nice to see people working together to share ideas and create awareness of patient safety. Focusing on solutions rather than making excuses and finger-pointing will go a long way in seeing progress.

Continued Education – There are classes and workshops on risk management offered by various medical associations to help avoid malpractice claims. Some medical malpractice insurance providers will even offer reduced rates on premiums of you attend one of these courses.

When medical professionals work on these five C’s and develop positive habits in their work, everyone will benefit and the more chance of success.

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