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Take Control Of Your Healthcare Plan With Qi Gong Healing Therapy

Today many are concerned about rising healthcare costs. Millions of people have no health insurance, and should the economy continue its downward spiral more may lose their benefits.

As we see political regimes and economic systems crumbling, where do we turn for guidance when it comes to our basic necessities? In these uncertain times, we must begin to look to ourselves as our best source of hope for stability and recovery.

National healthcare reform will not come from any one political party, or the government as a whole. The only real and lasting reform will come about when we individuals start to take responsibility for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

We live in a culture that glorifies fad diets and quick fixes. The media is full of advertisements for medications for which they cannot overtly state the purpose, whose side effects often create greater problems than the conditions themselves. As long as we continue to look outside of ourselves for the “cures” to our dis-ease and ailments, we remain, in effect, powerless.

A vast majority of treatments for dis-ease and chronic conditions, such as pain, can only be implemented once we begin to present symptoms. Though very often crucial to healing, conventional or allopathic methods tend to focus on the mitigation of symptoms, but generally fail to look to the source and root out the deeper cause.

Dis-ease doesn’t just spring up from nowhere. It develops over time, as a result of an obstruction in the energetic flow through the body’s structures and systems. Consider a clogged drain. It takes quite a while for debris to build up in the drain before the water ceases to flow freely. We continue unaware until one morning we can’t get the toothpaste to drain anymore. Then we call in the plumber.

Had we been mindful of what we were putting in the drain, periodically reaming or flushing it out, removing obstructions like barrettes and marbles when they first get lodged, we would be less likely to have to call in a professional.

We must tend to the body the same way. When we pay no mind to what we put into it, through our mouths, by way of food, or our minds, by way of the senses, when we lead a sedentary lifestyle, these patterns of behavior begin to obstruct the flow of the body’s energy. When there is blockage, the energy begins to find an alternative pathway. This leads to an over-abundance in some areas, and depletion in others. Now the whole system is thrown out of balance.

Healing modalities, such as Qi Gong, offer us a means of personal empowerment. We can begin to learn techniques and sustainable dietary practices that keep the energy flowing freely within the body. Qi Gong means “energy cultivation.” Qi (pronounced chee) is the vital Life-Force Energy that is present and animates everything in the universe.

Once the blockages have been located and removed, and the proper flow of energy restored, by practicing a few simple exercises and relaxing meditations, and following dietary guidelines that work in harmony with the inherent intelligence of the body at a cellular level, we create the optimal conditions for health and wellbeing.

• Qi Gong exercises are a gentle but very effective means of stimulating the flow of Qi through the 12 meridians and 8 channels, the energy pathways that service the body’s organ systems.

• Practicing Qi Gong meditations, which involve controlled breathing patterns and visualizations, brings the mind into acute focus, while easing physical and mental tension. Additionally, Qi is cultivated and stored in the various Dantian (energy centers), vitalizing and nourishing the body.

• As we follow the dietary guidelines put forth in Traditional Chinese Medicine we create the ideal energy climates within the body that ensure proper function of the vital organ systems.

Through these practices, Yin (feminine energy) and Yang (masculine energy), inherent in all creation, are brought into harmony, and we are able to move through our active daily lives centered, and full of the Vital Life Force that permeates and vitalizes our being, and is essential to healing and wholeness.

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