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Step-by-Step DIY Test Com port (Serial Port RS232) By Yourself Comport Checking by Loopback Test

How to test serial port RS232 Connection step-by-step?

This is call a loop back test method.

This method will send and receive data in same port call ‘LOOP BACK TEST’.We use HyperTerminal Software to Send and receive data (Standard software in Window XP home Version and professional Version).

Why we should to do this method?

When the interface hardware device have some problem occors or hardware function not properly.This method is Easy way to Troubleshooting by yourself.

Hardware Requirement (Nothing)

Software Requirement (HyperTerminal)

Skill Requirement (Nothing)

Accessoires (Bunch , Paper clip or anything can connect DB9 pin)

– Step one – Prepare

Find something connect (Short) your target com port (DB9 Pin) somebody call Serial Port Pin 2-3.

Shutdown your Computer Use it short Pin 2-3 (Pin 2-3 only – Be careful short other Pin).

Use a bunch, or Paper clip)

– Step Two – Prepare

Start up the computer and Run Hyper Terminal Software

Note : Start Menu > Program > Accessoires > Communication > Hyper Terminal

– Step Three – Configuration

Configuration Hyper Terminal Connection Setting

Enter Connection name (may be use “test my com port)

Select target com port to test (com1,com2,com…n)

Properties Connection then Click “Restore to Defaults

– Step Four – Test

Perform a loopback test Press any Key… On Keyboard

If you see any character on the screen Hyper Terminal – comport was normally.

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