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Steam Cleaner Eliminates Chemical-Based Cleaners

Try to run your hands on a cleaned tile floor of any busy commercial kitchen and you will notice immediately a waxy and greasy feel to the floor, which is a result of mixed detergents, cleaning chemicals and grease left behind after cleaning. Mopping is the most common procedure of cleaning dirt and grease in floors and kitchens. Unfortunately, mopping will only recycle the dirty and greasy water mopped back from the bucket onto the floor.

Steam cleaner on the other hand, simply uses only the power of water, which is the purest and natural cleaning agent that is converted into dry vapor steam under pressure at a temperature of 180°C. This vapor steam has a low moisture content of about 5 percent that means it leaves every surface cleaned and dries quickly. It can penetrate into the surface for a much deeper clean that a chemical cleaning solution cannot.

If in every cleaning process, chemical-based cleaners are used, the residue it leaves behind accumulates from time to time and soon can damage surfaces. While using steam cleaners, these chemical-based cleaners will be eliminated along with its residue because steam cleaners use only water to clean thoroughly, disinfect and sanitize surfaces of homes and business facilities.

Why choose and buy steam cleaner?

Traditional cleaning products have limitations and can be harmful to the users and the environment as well. Steam cleaner is a natural cleaning equipment that ends the use of chemical-based cleaners. This is a new technology that can fight molds and mildew, bacteria, viruses and fungus even without the use of chemicals. It can remove the dirt we can see and kill the germs and bacteria we cannot see.

Steam cleaners are effective for cleaning hard surface floors and carpets; efficient in all kitchen and bathroom surfaces including windows, tile and grout; clean and sanitize all bedding, mattresses, upholstery and drapery that helps eliminate dust mites, bed bugs and allergens. These steam cleaning machines can also be used outdoors on furniture, grills, decks, patio and even detailing cars and boats.

A regular use of steam cleaner results in greater cleaning efficiency that means lesser on cleaning time and effort; eliminates chemical-based cleaners all while achieving an outstanding results.

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