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Standard Sizes for Home Curtains

All About Curtains

Curtains are basically meant to serve as a protective covering for the windows, to shield a home or any other establishment’s interiors from excessive sunlight and from other potentially harmful elements from the outdoors, such as dust and some rain.

Curtains are made of textile items, sometimes of cotton, or some other fabric with sheer texture treatment. Sometimes, they could be made of linen or satin. But whatever material curtains are made, one thing is for sure: they should be of the right size for the window for them to be deemed just right to be used as a curtain.

On The Average Curtain Sizes

There are two main elements when it comes to average curtain sizes. There is the drop, as well as the width. The drop basically refers to how long the curtain is. The width, on the other hand, refers to how wide the base of the curtain is.

The standard size for the average curtain is 45 inches by 54 inches. That means that the width is 45 inches, and the drop is 54 inches. But of course, there are many other sizes of curtains to check out. These all depend on the measurements of the window where they are going to be placed on.

Getting the Right Sized Curtain

So, how does one ensure that he gets just the right size of curtain for his windows. For starters, they should begin by measuring the width as well as the length of the curtain rod or pole. This is where the curtain goes through so it could be hung on the window. After this, measure the length of the window. To make sure that the curtain one buys will just look right for that window, one should make allowances on the measurements. For us, an allowance of about 2 to 3 inches is just enough. Never mind the creases that the extra inches will result to – these actually add to the romantic feel of the curtain.

Other Tips When Buying Curtains

Always remember that curtains are not just for protecting the interiors of a certain room or space in the home; they also serve a very important design purpose. Yes, curtains actually add to the aesthetic element of a room. That is why the design of the curtain is also just as important as making sure that they are of the right size for a window. One can also buy curtains that are available in pairs for more efficiency.

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