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Silk Flower Arrangements: Benefit From Greenery, Even If It’s Fake!

Studies abound about the need for and benefits of greenery. Flowers, grass, trees, all natural settings large and small sooth the soul, calm anxiety, and engulf us with peace. We all know that wonderful feeling and abounding joy of walking through a forest, a botanical garden, a lovely park, or other world of nature; the soothing inner calm-blissful moments.

Researchers have found that nature can also help heal the body. Roger S. Ulrich, PhD. Director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University found that hospital patients with a window view of trees had an easier recovery than patients whose window looked out at a brick wall. Patients who could view nature got out of the hospital faster, had fewer complications and required less pain medication than those who only viewed a wall. And interestingly, even photos of nature helped ease recovery.

If photos of greenery have been scientifically proven to be beneficial physically and mentally, then it makes sense that replicas of natural plants and trees can be beneficial as well. Artificial greenery and silk flower arrangements (the common generic name for many artificial flowers) can give that peaceful easy feeling we humans experience when viewing nature. Is it as wonderful as walking through the forest? No. As calming as entering a botanical garden? No. But still, it’s something! It’s coming home to greenery, flowers, something lovely and “natural” in our home. It’s working in an office with a glimpse of nature, even if it’s a replica.

Having a home or office filled with gorgeous living growing greenery and blooming flowers is a beautiful dream, but reality? With our busy lives, time to water, feed, trim, transplant, pluck, protect and otherwise care for living plants is just not available. Silk flower arrangements and artificial greenery provide a viable, feasible, and pleasant alternative. At home, a blooming center piece cheers us regardless of the material it’s made of. In the office, a viney plant, small tree, other artificial greenery or silk flower arrangement brightens the space and brings beneficial feelings. Coming and going from work without worrying about the plants and eliminating one more chore at home or office simply makes sense.

Many of the silk flower arrangements today are made of such real looking materials, you have to walk up and touch them to know they’re not. Blooming silk flower arrangements make us smile. The replicas themselves are often works of art.

So elevate your mood by bringing in artificial greenery and silk flower arrangements. This way it’s easy to change your decorative plants with the seasons, holidays or just because you feel like it. Kick back, take a moment and enjoy a glimpse of nature. It’s healing, it’s comforting, it’s soothing to body and soul—even if it’s fake!

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