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Significance of Rubber & Its Raw Materials in India – Does Recycling Add to it?

India is a leading producer of rubber. It contributes to a major portion of world total rubber production. This advantage gave birth to many industries related to rubber and related by products. The major rubber based industries are tires and tubes industries, rubber gloves, rubber threads etc. India is witnessing a growth in the export of rubber and inter-related products used in various small and large scale industries.

Presently, there is a trend of recycling of rubber emerging in the market. It enables the rubber and other materials to go through the recycling process and transformed into a new product. These recycled products are more durable, safe to use and eco-friendly for the end users.

Since, India hugely depends on the revenue earned by the export of rubber and its raw materials, these rubber based industries holds a very significant position in Indian economy. Further, recycling adds to its benefit to a great extent. These waste rubber materials are collected and after recycling process they are transformed into various forms as per the requirement of various industries like automotive industries, plastic industry and other small and medium industries where rubber raw materials are required as one of the basic ingredients in manufacturing process.

The other form of rubber so produced after recycling process is silicone rubber, mould release, synthetic rubber and polycarbonate sheets which are also made from this. Thus, we can say that no doubt rubber has a very significant role in India and its economy because of the revenue earned, but recycling process adds further to its goodness and richness making it more durable, safe and long lasting.

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