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Role of Knowledge Intelligence in Today’s Competitive Environment

With the advent of globalization, there has been great increased in the recent few years in the knowledge management. Knowledge management involves mining and integration of huge and scattered knowledge into a single platform, to generate knowledge intelligence. Intelligence analysts are the knowledge workers most important tasks. Analysts must sift through massive amounts of data, using perspective gained from history and experience to pull together from disparate sources the best coherent picture of what is happening in a technical domain. Information Technology research has the potential to create innovations, which is very essential in this competitive environment. Analysts make heavy use of precedents and analogies. This sometimes leads to vital “trans-logical” leaps.

Precedents and analogies both sometimes increases and reduces the quality of the analytic product. Better use of human intelligence, along with various knowledge-based software power tools could help the analysts in recognizing the deeper or less obvious analogies and apply these analogies to the current technical trends, and generate best technical ideas.

The knowledge workers make heavy use of scenario generation, both to interpret current technical and market trend and to project plausible future events to expect or guard against.

The increase in global patent protection more and more companies are looking at IP from a business as well as a legal perspective. Thus it is essential to have a patent due diligence before entering a new market. Patents have being considered as the most important source of technical knowledge. If you know what your competitors are doing, you can align your strategic goals accordingly. Computation patent mapping, which most of the companies are using is a methodology for the development and application of a technology knowledge base for technological, strategic and competitive intelligence. Patent maps are categorized representations of patent information that has been mined and aggregated or clustered to highlight specific features. All these operations are performed by knowledge workers either within the companies or through various knowledge outsourcing service (KPO) providers.

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