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Revealing Carp Bait Recipe And Flavour Tips To Maximise Your Success!

Quickly improve your catches now and exploit the scarce secrets that only decades of experience in bait making can offer in short-cuts to amazing success, by harnessing the instant power of flavours and flavour components revealed here in new and unusual unique ways, going beyond the norms of conventional wisdom!

Flavours and their various uses is a cornerstone of some of the most famous aspects of carp bait development and flavours are a significant part of the success of carp baits all around the world! This connection between carp fishing and flavours used in bait is a huge part of the psychology of carp fishing today and very much influences how the majority of anglers perceive carp baits and their potential for success. This psychological attachment to bait and their flavours is a significant issue amongst anglers.

This is the case with carp bait mentality and perceptions even though most anglers do not actually understand flavours in any great detail in terms of the deeper more important reasons. This is for example the why and how they work in practical, synergistic, and water reactive ways, and as palatability and enhancing factors, and as bioactive internal stimuli and programming conditioners etc, and not just as mere bait labels!

Not all flavours are the same and the definition reaches into mind boggling dimensions of substances and their perceptions far beyond that of a humble solvent based fruit or sweet smell, and into areas of double fermentation, natural and identical and other forms of flavours, flavour compounds and their vital formula kept secret from the public, making homemade esters and other flavour forms etc.

The lines and definitions blur the more you discover about flavours and soon you begin to realise that a flavour substance of one kind can be an instant energy hit supplying calorific source, or a protein factor source, or an enhancer, sweetener and feeding trigger all in one, or an emulsifier and energy source, or an attractive and feed stimulatory essential antioxidant source.

Certain forms of flavour substance compounds seriously impact the carp body on an internal level beneficially in promoting feeding and can do this even without baits actually being picked up, as they operate in solution or at least in a partially soluble or partially miscible state impacting upon carp sensory systems internally and externally!

A few years ago a bait company boss trying to establish himself stated in a magazine article that flavours do not work! This has to be one of the most preposterous statements ever made in carp fishing! When you think about it, whenever you put powders together to make a boilie bait base mix, and you add a liquid, and literally in effect you create a solution, then you have just made a powdered flavour! It is irrelevant that your flavour has no other solvent base than water for instance in liquid egg!

Here are a few tips on improving your baits with use of flavours, and insights into the history and uses of flavours based on experiences I personally have had since the seventies when flavours really became a big part of my fishing since the days of using supermarket acetic acid and water based cake flavours in special paste baits in the seventies!

Try making homemade boilies with 7 to 10 milliliters of Rod Hutchinson Chocolate Malt flavour, and then coat your finished boilies in neat flavour! There are a number of flavours that you can use in very high levels like this i.e. massively over flavour and expect greater success! Not enough testing of flavours goes on by anglers, yet just testing 3 different flavour levels used on 3 different rods will show very quickly which level outscores the others!

By keeping on changing versions of homemade baits, such danger of flavour reference points or associations with prior encounters with potentially dangerous baits just cannot happen! This is one of the most powerful advantages of exploiting totally unique homemade baits over popular readymade baits and in one personal test last year against Cell the homemade bait actually stopped Cell from producing any fish whatsoever as a result of such dynamics and much more besides, and this was as much a surprise to myself as the other anglers test fishing baits alongside me!

You probably do not expect homemade bait to stop a popular bait from working completely, yet this did occur, and it is not the first time I have manifested this exhilarating experience!

Many anglers seem to think that using high levels of flavours is not a good thing. They are right in some situations but not in all. Some situations do warrant high flavour levels. Other situations require different approaches but this is where fish have been exposed to certain flavour bases in high levels to the degree that they are recognised as a danger signal, and so are repellant.

Yet the practice of washing out flavours is just a sign that anglers have not thought outside the box. Washing out of bait is actually a massive indication that the bait itself is blown. It actually means that the whole approach needs to be reconsidered, exploiting a completely new bait form or format which the fish have not experienced previously! Compared to using popular readymade baits this is where all the incredible advantages of making your very own totally unique awesomely potent homemade baits comes into clear focus!

Many flavours actually taste very bitter indeed compared to their fruity or creamy or spicy smell! There is a myth that fish are put off by bitterness but this is obviously a fallacy! Think about it and you will realise that some of the most successful fruit flavours for example are not fruity or sweet, but actually taste bitter, and they work even without use of additional sweeteners of any kind!

Flavours can actually sensitise fish to your bait with repeated exposure, even if bait is a very poor one nutritionally! This is where highly flavoured carbohydrate based baits used in great volumes can score, even on highly pressured waters!

Sometimes on very pressured waters it can be very advantageous to use a very low protein bait which is highly flavoured in order to ensure that only a carp pick up the bait, as opposed to pest fish such as bream or roach or tench. This is when a large single bait such as this can really count if your are after an elusive wary rarely caught upper forty pound carp, where a very high quality bait would simply be taken by anything that swims in the lake!

The kinds of flavours and the levels you use really can determine if you catch roach or bream, tench or carp, and testing levels on your lake in your test base mixes really can show up differences in results. For example a very high level of a flavour or even of black pepper essential oil for example, may catch loads of tench, but very few carp on a particular water with particular strains and certain individual fish of certain specific sensitivity ranges and so on. Then again another level of a flavouring substance may produce only carp and barely any tench at all.

Some flavours tend to attract far more tench or roach or bream attention. Sweet and fruity flavours definitely appear to do this, if used in reasonable levels.

This is an example of where using different levels and different flavours and purposely created homemade blends really score well; for example using a really seriously volatile strong ammonia type smell instead of a sweet or fruity tone one that has much less of a kick of activity.

It might sound strange but carp are wired neurologically so differently to humans that you can use very odd combinations and be extremely successful! For instance you might use CC Moore Squid and octopus and CC Moore Indian spice together, or Crab and Plum. Flavours are not logical in the normal range of our human senses, so do try very unusual combinations; worm and maggot flavours with tiger nut flavour, sweetcorn flavour with luncheon meat flavour, guava and pistachio flavours with Monster Crab, Chocolate malt with Tutti Fruitti and so on.

I am sure that the bitter taste of so many fruity and sweet flavours for example is part of the reason why intense sweeteners became popular in some of the early years of carp fishing pioneering from the seventies and into the early eighties. This was when more and more anglers became fixated by highly flavoured hard boiled baits as opposed to special paste baits, at a time when boilies were side-hooked through and used in conjunction with the bolt rig for the very first time.

This far more effective self-hooking and resilient bait combination was one factor in the evolution of tactics and technical thinking that originally hugely revolutionised carp fishing, and indeed this breakthrough occurred even before the hair rig becoming known by the masses!

It is a good thing however to have your bait actually taste and smell the same! As a person who has tested so many flavours over the decades since being a bait tester for Rod Hutchinson in the eighties, I have always found that carp break the rules of what is meant to be possible and successful to use. For instance at a time when anglers where sticking rigidly to the mantra of 3 to 5 milliliters of flavour, plus 1 to 2 milliliters of intense sweetener to a pound of base mix or more, as measured by 4 large eggs or 6 medium eggs as a basis of measurement, I tried other approaches and reaped big rewards against much more experienced anglers!

For instance, I remember when fishing using Rod Hutchinson lugworm and crab in my homemade baits in the eighties, it occurred to me to over flavour using this combination as it really seemed to me more like a spice bait, and so I combined this with his Ultraspice flavour. This combination did so well that the other anglers actually complained!

How could this kid, this young college student be doing so well against stock brokers and big fishing tackle company bosses etc and guys fishing using recipes bought from Kevin Maddocks? I was even told by the guy who had the lease for the fishing on the reservoir I was fishing at the time at Shotgate, to stop using the flavour, or I would be banned!

That is a rather completely opposite experience to statements that one bait company boss aiming to establish himself as an authority made, when writing a series on bait in Carpworld a few years ago, stating as fact that flavours do not work, and that there are no secrets in carp bait!

In fact some amazingly powerful flavour components cannot even be detected within a bait by human senses range yet they can make all the difference in the world!

This deeper understanding produces endless amazing and outstanding homemade bait ideas and concepts which are totally outside conventional thinking inside the box of commercial bait makers conventional paradigms about meeting customers perceptions, making profits and having to make compromises to maximise profitablity and gain more market share etc. This is opposed to merely focusing on maximising and optimising feed triggering potential which is far more truly possible with homemade baits where meeting market needs and cost factors relating to profits maximisation are totally irrelevant!

I use this maximisation and optimization deeper thinking very much in my personal tuitions that take anglers far faster into a whole new world of terrific homemade bait making, going beyond old fashioned food bait concepts and into unique new ones that I refined to consistently defeat the leading brand readymade baits!

There are so many experiences I have had with flavours over the years that they have a very special place in my homemade bait making, yet I do not necessarily regard flavours as essential to success, and indeed many anglers do really get fixated by what flavour the boilies are that they use, when in fact it is really not important at all!

For instance fish do not process sensory information at all like us humans, and so they do not necessarily associate a ripe strawberry with that kind of label or smell issuing forth in solution from your bait. Neither do carp really experience the same as us if we smell maple, or coconut, or crab, or pineapple.

Very often such flavours are merely a label of identification of a bait, which enhance smell or taste or palatability in some way in regards to association with the bait. Aspects of flavours which very much have more meaning for carp however are bioactive substances.

Such compounds have internal impacts and effects on fish and do actually influence actual fish behaviours to a significant degree, whereas many flavours really merely make it easier for fish to detect other substances becoming solution in your baits and entering the water column.

One such example is vodka, and another is Tia Maria, and yet another is Baileys Irish Cream. Such substances do not have a significant part to play in triggering actual feeding but in some ways make egg sealed baits more able to function more successfully. Certain flavours and flavour compounds really do trigger feeding however!

Aim to endlessly expand and multiply your awareness and understanding which creates massive success by reading, and become forevermore self-empowered to create exceptional baits with all the massive rewards they bring! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Source by Tim F. Richardson

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