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Rado Watches

Rado watches today are some of the best watches in the world. The success of their watches is one that has not happened overnight. Instead, Rado have built up the foundations for success over many years. The company first established itself in Switzerland in 1917 under the name Schlup and Co. It wasn’t until 1957 however, that the name Rado came about. It was at this time that the first watch collection was designed. Rado was the brand name thought up and since then the name Rado has stuck.

Rado have built up a great reputation in more recent years by winning a number of awards. All of the awards are worthy of a mention but the ones that are of particular importance for a watch brand like Rado are linked to design. These include the ‘Good Design Award’, won once in Chicago in 2002 and again in Japan in 2005, and the ‘IF design award’ won in China also in 2005. Design is one of the most important elements when building solid foundations for a brand which is one of the main reasons why Rado can claim to be the best watch company.

As previously mentioned, Rado have won a number of awards based on the careful, creative and innovative designs of their watch collection. Rado watches are of an outstanding quality and their design team can be extremely proud of the watches they produce. There are many different types of Rado watches. These include ceramica, integral, original, sintra and true, all of which have their own individual look, style and individuality. The design of each and every watch is truly exquisite and Rado watches have become more and more popular as the Rado watch range increases.

Rado also have an extremely strong company mission statement. This mission statement gives the impression that Rado is a creative company that really thinks about watches before they go full throttle into making them. They like to build their watch collection with new and imaginative ideas and give consumers the kinds of watches that only occur in dreams. The mission statement reads as follows ‘If we can imagine it, we can make it. If we can make it, we will”. They put their business on the line that they have realistic hopes that they can create something out of nothing and turn it into something really special.

With the exquisite design and outstanding looks, Rado watches have become one of the most received and well recognised watch collections on the market today. Consumers have taken to the shelves and Rado watches are certainly being snapped up. Many people will say that Rado watches are the best watches around and if Rado continues to produce such exceptional watches, Rado will continue to shine for many years to come.

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