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Prospects of Wearable Technology

Ever wondered that our mobile phones may turn into earrings which serve the purpose of a phone receiver and a neck piece used as a speaker? Technology; a highly dynamic field is changing as we read this. The recent trend in technology is seen in the in gadgets which can be worn by us, hence the name wearable technology.

Unlike PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which are hand held gadgets like mobile phones and cameras; wearable gadgets are attached to clothing and can be used as accessories or adornments. Though the advancement in this technology is relatively new, the concept has existed since decades. One of the earliest inventions in this department was the transition of a traditional pocket watch to a wrist watch in 1904 by Louis Cartier.

Latest technology devices:

A very recent development in the wearable technology is the release of “Google Glass” by the IT giant Google. The glass was invented with a purpose to provide smartphone like computing in an accessory which can be worn anywhere and can be hands free to use. Based on the Android Operating system, input mechanisms are the touchpad on the side of the glass and a voice commander microphone. The glass has the ability to take photos and record videos and compatible applications are also being customized for this device.

In an answer to Google’s foray into Wearable Devices, Apple is planning to release iWatch in 2014. The concept is to wear your entire iPhone on your wrist. With designers adding in the Apple button and a SIM card support, this is one of the top-notch, high-end technology to capitalize on.

Android based SmartWatches were introduced by Samsung Gear Live and KG G Watch. The Moto 360 is a venture, which will be released by Motorola for the tech-savvy generation. Its stylish looks and android platform will definitely give the other SmartWatches in the market, a tough competition.

Why Wearable computers?

With technology developing at high intensity the consumers are getting more demanding in terms of innovations. Hence companies are looking to fulfil these demands and bank on the success of their products in the market.

Wearable technology is a field allowing users to use technology while on the go without interfering with the normal tasks.

The main aim of the device is to make it convenient to be used and handled with freedom to any movements and habits of the person.

The industry is still growing and there is a huge scope for future research and endless opportunities.

Applications in industries:

In Military- Sensors placed inside the military suit will help in detection of the soldier’s location and the health and damage faced.

Medical technology- Latest innovations include headsets which measure brainwaves and wearable sensing devices to monitor personal health.

Education- Devices like Autographer, Keygloves and Google glass are instrumental in the education industry in the teaching and learning process.

Fashion- Designers are keen on creating a rage for wearable technology in the fashion industry by developing apparel with LED technology, accessories like SmartWatches and glasses to keep this as a trending subject.

Sports- Sportswear is being redefined with the invention of ‘Alert Shirts’ which have been designed to let us in on what the players feel, by transmitting signals through Bluetooth smartphone app. The recently concluded FIFA too, saw this phenomenon, where the referees wore ‘Goal Control’ SmartWatches which helped them determine if the ball crossed the goal line, by the use of high speed goal cameras at each goal post.

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