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Properties and Uses of Silicon Dioxide

If you are a chemistry student then you must be familiar with the element known as Silicon Dioxide, but are you aware of its various uses. You will be fascinated to know that this chemical element has several uses in everyday life include heavy duty industrials. In this article, we will give you a briefing on the different characteristics and uses of this element.

It is interesting to note that the element Silicon (Si) is not found in its original form. It is always dependent on a second element for its existence. Hence, you will always find an oxidized form of Silicon Dioxide, known as silicon dioxide or SiO2. If you wish to see it, you can visit any sandy place as there you will find silicon dioxide in abundance. It is also found in quartz form as well as diatoms. All these are the naturally occurring forms. In our day to day life, we find various forms of silicon dioxide, or silica that are generally known as silica gel or silicic acid.

Interesting facts about Silicon Dioxide:

When exposed to high temperatures, without any external factors, silica turns into glass form. This amazing property of the element to turn itself into glass is used to create a variety of glass objects.

There are several benefits of using silicon dioxide in food. The very presence of this element in food helps to strengthen our bones and joints. Those who regularly consume silicon dioxide rich diet, maintain good strength and density of the bones, reducing any risk of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

As we know silica exists in sand form, it is used in the ceramics industry. It is one of the chief constituents of ceramic glaze. Without it, other ingredients may not be able to fasten themselves. This is so because silica has the unique property of turning to glass when heated. It helps in keeping the other substances together.

This element is also used in the telecommunication sector. In this field, silica is used in the form of optical fibers, which are prepared from this element.

The unique properties of silica make it highly useful in the manufacturing of cement. Hence, it is largely helpful in construction industry.

The purest form of silica is used in manufacturing electronics, particularly micro-electronics. The chips are organized and implanted in electronics to check and adjust the level of electrical activities within the electronic item.

If you are interested to know more about silica and other chemical elements, based what is taught in the classroom, consider hiring a private tutor who can give answers to all your questions.

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