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Places to Visit in Jaipur

Famous as the city adorned in pink, Jaipur offers travellers an extensive range of historical, marvellous sights to choose from. A true wanderer has a plethora of options to choose from, and a long list ahead of him. We bring to you some of the sights best for visiting in Jaipur.

The Amber Palace- The first we have on our list is the magnificent Amber Palace. This epitome of culture and royal munificence is a great sightseeing stop. Built by Raja Man Singh I in 1727 and completed by Mirja Raja Jai Singh, this fort is a wonderful composition of red sandstone and white marble, in a pristine regal architecture style. A must visit for backpackers looking for a fulfilling trip.

The Hawa Mahal- The ancient honeycomb building in the heart of Jaipur is a must visit on every traveller’s list. Designed as a palace representation of the crown of Lord Krishna, it is repleted with 953 small in wall windows or Jharokhas, as they are locally called, to discourage outsiders from looking at the royal women. The regal red adorned on the palace walls give it a gorgeous look.

The Nahargarh Hills- Nothing is better than a sight high above the mortals! With the noble view in mind, Maharaja Jai Singh II built the fort palace considering safety and protection from enemies, originally named Sudarshangarh. The picturesque view one gets from atop this mansion is unparalleled and unconquered. Located in the Aravali hills, this surely is a place that will offer you the glimpse of your life!

Jal Mahal- A classic and beautiful example of ancient Rajputana architecture, Jal Mahal is a leisure palace built in the middle of the Man Sagar lake by Jaipur’s Rajput rulers. A glorious fusion of mughal and rajputana architecture, the Jal Mahal is truly a sight to behold. The beautiful birds add a rich tone of colourful nature to this palace. Enjoy your trip to the Jal Mahal with traditional boating and water leisures.

The Jaigarh Fort- This is a traditional example of classic, spectacular design and architecture skills of the ancient Rajput rulers. Located on the Cheel Ka Teela in the immediate headland of the Aravali Hills, Jaigarh fort is a marvelous location to spend some time at. Its lovely composition of red sandstone and pristine marbles is what sets it apart from any other fort of its kind. There are a few local temples here, such as the Ram Harihar mandir and the Kaal Bhairov mandir. Apart from these, it also boasts of the Jainava, the ancient “cannon on wheels” of the Rajput Royal Ammunition.

The City Palace- The traditional and immortal stories of the Rajputana Era come alive with this praise worthy palace. Built in pristine white marble and adorned with intricate art detailing, it is a state-of-the-art example of the finest mughal and rajputana architecture fusion. Udai Pol, Jaleb Chowk, Tripolia Gate and Virendra Pol act as entry gates to this magnificent example of fine architectural art. The walls of this palace hold special stories of a bygone era, dressed with the fine classics of architecture.

Sisodia Rani Garden- This wonderfully landscaped and plush green arenas of this ancient palace garden is a statuesque sight to behold, and a soulful experience for a traveller. Decked with a modern architecture that reflects the days of mughal yore, the garden is a must visit for every backpacker. The garden got its name from the suryavanshi sisodia Rani for whom it was built. It houses various temples and spacious terraces.

Albert Hall Museum- The oldest museum of India, Albert Hall Museum was built in 1876 to welcome The Prince Of Wales to Jaipur by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II. Originally intended to be a town hall, it was later deemed a museum for showcasing the best of Jaipuri art forms and the bravery of its warriors. A visit to this treasure trove of ancient Rajput history is recommended to every history lover and avid backpacker.

The Jantar Mantar- The Jantar Mantar is an equinoctal sundial in the heart of Jaipur, and doubles as a planetarium. Fixed with the biggest sundial of India, the monument is one of the seven wonders of the world, and unparalleled in its faultless execution. A must visit for visitors with kids, as the maze here will entertain them beyond any bounds.

Among all these, the culture and the people of Jaipur are what drives this city of welcoming gestures and colorful personas. Do visit Jaipur to get a glimpse of the magic of the Rajputana era glory.

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