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Obedience, Give Us the Right To Command

After I graduated college, I pursued my dream of becoming a teacher and so I decided to take a state licensure exam. For about three months I reviewed in a review center so that I could easily pass. During the night before my exams, it was my best friend’s birthday and I should come since she insists a lot but then my mother told me to come home early since I need to have a proper rest before I take the exams. Before leaving, I vowed to come home early but as the night passed the fun can’t be stop and I myself decided to go home late. So I went home at 3 am drunk and tired, the next day I woke up at 6 feeling bad and I prepared for the exams. Upon taking the test I felt sleepy and I did not concentrate well. When the results were announced, I learned two things that have made a big change in my life. First, I learned that I failed the exams and second, I realized how important it is to be obedient.

We all know that rules are imposed for us to achieve order and organization in every society. Therefore, it is our responsibility to follow the different rules around us. But the question is do we follow rules? Are we obedient enough to do our responsibility? Do we find it improper to follow the rules? Are we willing to follow rules for the sake of peace and order?

There are truly certain times in our lives wherein we just don’t want to follow rules. We just want things to go in our own way. We sometimes want to get things done in the way we have planned it. But then again let’s face reality, life is not the way we want it but then we still could make the most out of it. There are times wherein we just have to follow rules and regulations for our own sake and benefit.

The value of obedience can definitely lead our way to success. Through obedience, we learn the different values that go with it such as respect, discipline and propriety. Obedience teaches us to be always proper with our actions and words. Moreover, it leads us to the right and proper way of living. With obedience, we are able to have peace of mind, satisfaction or contentment.

Surely, there are a lot of approaches for us to express our obedience to others and to the society. One basic example is when we abide the rules in our community.

Another is when we follow the teachings of God such as the different Christian values and the Ten Commandments. By simply pursuing the rules in our own homes, we already practice the value of obedience. Through obedience we grow as a person and we become more mature.

As the line goes, “Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety”, we are told that with it we are safe and it can definitely lead our way to prosperity or success. Furthermore, it is very easy to be obedient we just need to have the willingness to do it. It also helps promote a peaceful and harmonious society, wherein there is respect and unity among us. God calls us to be obedient to His will in order for us to achieve everlasting life. Obedience does not only guide us to be a better person but also through it we can earn respect.

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