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Next Level Security System – Biometric Door Access Control

Security is always concern whether you buy a new home, office or any private or public sectors. Whenever you want to buy a new home or want to go somewhere a safety is the main point that you first consider. Technology is also growing very fast and some bad factors like terrorism along with technology growth. Crime is also growing in city because of this down economy and recession. We have to develop some kind of advance level of security to overcome all these issues and to make ourselves safer. Hiring security guard is not being well enough in this situation. We have to think about individual security that does not rely on other, which works continuously and automatically and make you feel safer. We have seen many terrorist activities in last decade of time that takes land from our feet. So what is the better solution and system which can fulfill our entire requirement? What is the robustness of the system on any critical situation? Which technology can be used to prevent these kinds of activities? Biometric technology is the only solution to overcome this situation.

Biometric technology is a new edge technology which relies on real human features like. It has ultimate identification process and execution is based on these real futures. Human features like eye retina, signature, voice, DNA and keystroke can be used for identification. You must have seen the technical gadgets being used in some of the James bond movies where people use their eye to open that fancy door or to open a lock of some of the precious things inside. At first glance we might think that these are fake gadgets and can’t be real but with the help of biometric technology it became real. Te cost is not that much high that no one can afford with comparison to the security level it provides. Let me explain how the system actually works and how identification and authentication take place.

As I said before it used some of the physiological and behavioral attributes of human being. Physiological attributes like eye retina, voice, DNA and behavioral attributes like keystroke and signature can be used as identification features. This technology scans all these attributes of the human according to its pre defined user setting. It stores all these attributes in its central database. When someone tries to access the system it scans all the attributes again and then compare it its central database. If it finds the match in its database it allows to process that particular personality otherwise it gives alarms or asks for new registration according to system set up. Along with identification and authentication process it also keeps track of other factors like how much time particular person has remain in your premises and time when someone access the system. It generates report on regular basis according to date you have specified to generate the reports. The entire system can be converted into payroll system for your company which generates entire reports at the end of every month according to your convenience. Now we have seen the working process of this system. Let’s see which kind of security instrument we can develop with this technology.

With integration of this technology, we can develop a door with Biometric Access Control, access control system, time attendance system, pay roll system, visitor management system and face identification system. Each of above system has same purpose of security hence different utilization. Door access control can be used to restrict the entry of particular person at sensitive doors. Time attendance system can be used to track entry of each of your employee. Face recognition system can be integrated with laptops and computers to protect your private data if someone steals. The same way it can be integrated and used with other instruments. There is no heavy cost for this system and it can be used with existing operating system. So think of biometric technology when it comes to security.

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