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Moisture Absorbent Fabric – An Idea – New To Textile Industry

What is more comfortable than moisture absorbent fabric? Moisture Management is the newest concept in the textile industry. This is the latest concept of the fabric which gives comforts. The market of moisture management fabric is not the same as the apparel industry. The Moisture Management fabric is for the high-performance end of the market and it drew the attention of the high-end performance users.

Now-a-days Moisture Management Fabric is the new and demanding concept in the Textile Industry. It is a kind of fabric which absorbs the moisture from the wearer and moves it away from the garment. This kind of action helps to make skin moisture free. The action of this fabric helps in preventing the moisture next to the skin. During hard physical activity body sweats and the moisture traps out in conventional clothing like cotton. The moisture locks out between clothing and body and then it increases body temperature and perspiration even more. Excessive perspiration can lead one to diminished performance and fatigue. In very hot conditions this is the usual condition which happens due to the trapped moisture. Hypothermia and chilling is the common condition happen in the cold temperature due to the trapped moisture. The moisture near to the skin makes skin cold when wind blows in the cold days. Excessive moisture can add weight to the garment and even it irritates the skin of the wearer and increases the chances of the skin diseases.

This Moisture Management fabric is very useful if worn next to the skin at the time of the exercise. It keeps skin dry. This is the fabric of new age technology and its usage in new technology is expanding day by day. It proves its worth in the sportswear also.

Moisture travels by the capillary action. The spaces between the fibres act as tubes and moisture travels through it. The fabric which has narrower spaces gives up moisture more quickly. So these fabrics are best for moisture transport.

The moisture absorbent capacity of fabric also affects the moisture management. The higher absorbency leads to the more comfort levels. Little water absorbent capacity helps to maintain muscle performance and delay exhaustion.

Moisture management fabrics are high tech synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are normally made of polyamide or polyester microfibres. These light weight fabrics are easy to handle and they dry quickly compared to the other fabrics. One can enhance the affectivity of this fabric by doing various processes on it. Blends are also possible in this fabric by using other fibre types.

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