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MIL-PRF-680: Frequently Asked Questions

MIL-PRF-680 is an environmentally preferred degreaser that is used for parts washing systems and manual degreasing operations. The military sector and the industrial sector use the solution to remove tough accumulations of oil, grease, and organic resins from the engines of aircraft, ground vehicles, and industrial machines. If you are considering using the product as a parts degreaser, but would like to know more about its history and specifications before you do, the answers below can help.

When did PRF-680 replace PD-680?

The Environmental Protection Agency Regulated PD-680 in 1999. Because the regulation means that companies cannot use the solvent in generous quantities, most companies that used PD-680 replaced it with PRF-680 in 1999.

Why is PD-680 still sold if it has been widely canceled?

PD-680 is not illegal to use. However, it must be used in small quantities in order for the user to avoid violating EPA regulations. The companies that widely “canceled” the solvent are ones that previously used it in large quantities.

What is a degreasing agent that conforms to PRF-680 standards?

MIL-PRF-680Type II degreaser for solvent parts washers is one of many degreasers that conform to MIL-PRF-680A, Type II standards.

Why are PRF-680 solutions more expensive than PD-680 solutions?

PD-680 solutions tend to be less expensive than PRF-680 solutions because they have a simpler formulation. Also known as mineral spirits, the toxic chemicals in PD-680 are easy to supply. The safer chemicals in PRF-680, on the other hand, must be specially formulated to offer stringent cleaning power.

Do degreasing agents that conform to PRF-680 standards contain HAPs?

Not all degreasing agents that conform to PRF-680 standards contain HAPs. For example MIL-PRF 680 Type II degreaser for solvent parts washers contains no hazardous ingredients according to the EPA.

Are there certain specifications every industrial degreaser should have?

There are certain specifications that all industrial solutions should ideally possess, particularly the specifications below:

  • A high flash point to prevent accidental ignition of the solution
  • No petroleum distillates to avoid pollution
  • No residue to prevent the solutions from damaging sensitive components
  • Usable in parts washers to facilitate cleaning large numbers of parts
  • Non-corrosive to protect metal and most grades of rubber and plastic
  • No HAPs according to the EPA
  • Odorless to prevent workers from being overcome by fumes.

Depending on what a solution is used for, it may be difficult to find one that conforms to most of the specifications above, but there are solutions that do. Organic Vortex citrus-powered degreaser is an example of a solution that meets a majority of these requirements.


Finding environmentally preferable degreasers that have industrial cleaning strength may be difficult. If your company is in the market for such a degreaser, it is important to realize that MIL-PRF-680 improves on the toxic formulation of PD-680. MIL-PRF 680 Type II degreaser for solvent parts washers is an example of a degreasing agent that meets MIL-PRF-680A, Type II standards. For more information on selecting an environmentally preferred industrial degreaser, contact a supplier of eco friendly, industrial strength cleaning solutions today.

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