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Make a Statement With Your Animal Skin Rug

Enhance Your Rustic Décor

There is nothing like adding a cozy touch to cabins and other spaces with a rustic theme. For example, you can toss sheepskin rugs on the wall in a bedroom to soften wooden walls. Alternatively, you can use animal hide rugs as a floor covering on rustic kitchen floors to bring out your table and chairs. Since animal hides fit into any outdoors atmosphere, they blend perfectly into these types of decorating schemes. The neutral colors also make them ideal for setting next to those country plaid and mountain patterns that fit so well into rustic decorating themes. So go ahead and throw one over the back of the couch, or pick out a cowhide rug to place next to your rodeo awards on the wall.

Add Contrast to Modern Decorations

Although a cowhide rug is an obvious choice in ranch homes, you can also use animal hide to dazzle your guests with an unexpected choice that works well with your modern décor. For instance, sheepskin rugs placed in front of a fireplace helps soften the edges of streamlined furniture, and it invites your guests to kick back and enjoy themselves in a cozy atmosphere. Since animal hides are known for being luxurious, they set the tone in upscale homes that like showing a touch of class in their décor.

Mix It Up With Versatile Rugs

Animal skin rugs come in a wide range of colors and textures that give them more ways to be used than just as a floor covering. For instance, you can hang a gorgeous reindeer hide in an area of interest in your walkway as a conversation piece. Since they come in natural shades, you can easily fit them into any color scheme. This makes an animal hide one of those versatile pieces that you can move around your home as you change decorating schemes.

Show Off a Unique Piece

The beautiful patterns and markings in natural fur are truly a sight to behold, and you can be certain that no one else will have an animal hide quite like yours. Reindeer hides can have gorgeous brown, tan and white markings that bring out the unique characteristics of wildlife to enhance your décor. Soft sheepskin is great for nurseries, living areas and guest rooms where you want to show off a piece that no one else has while also making it cozier for your guests and family.

Finding new ways to add a unique touch to your living space is easy with animal hide rugs. Not only do the natural markings on animal hide rugs create a one-of-a-kind look, but you can also enjoy using your hides to add warmth and character to your home. As you plan your new decorating scheme, make sure to toss a cowhide rug over a chair or place one on the wall to create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who visits your home.

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