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Learn How to Fix "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error R6025" Easily

Errors in computers make them unusable for their owners. A prominent error is the runtime error r6025. This error is shown on the screen in the form of a message that declares runtime error r6025 pure virtual function call. This message implies that the program used by you has become non-functional and will have to be re-installed on the PC so that it can become functional again. This kind of an error is a programming mistake and stops the running program causing all your tasks related to it.

It is quite easy to fix the runtime error r6025. Just close the program that is showing the Microsoft visual C++ runtime error r6025 error message. This can be done by pressing the keys “Ctrl,” “Delete” and “Alt,” together to initiate the task manager of your PC. After the task manager has started, check whether the program displaying the error message is not in the list of the running programs. If it exists, close it by pressing the end program button.

Close down the task manager and click on the start menu of your PC. After you have reached here, click on the control panel and then find the “programs and features” icon in its menu. The programs and features should be opened to find the list of the installed programs on the PC. From this list, just delete the program that showed the error message. Only one task is left now which is to re-install the program. This can be easily done by getting a program’s disk drive or downloading it from its website. The website will display all the instructions of the program download on your PC screen. After finishing the installation, try using the program once again to see that it does not have errors.

However, if the runtime error r6025 persists, the last and best way for the user to get rid of it is to work with windows registry repair software.

The windows registry is the most crucial component of the PC and it contains commands for carrying the computer functions properly. Therefore, it is a must that any error in it should be fixed on time because even minor errors in the windows registry may also cause such runtime error.

The registry cleaner software is capable of doing a comprehensive scan on the windows registry to ensure that it eliminates all the remnants of the incomplete program installations. In that case, microsoft visual c runtime error r6025 will no longer show up on the computer screen at any time.

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