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Knowing the Different Types of Scrap Aluminum

Like the other kinds of metal, scrap aluminum also comes in different types. Such types can be easily sold at recyclable metal markets. Such types differ in values and are usually based on how tough or easy it is to collect them while retaining their good conditions. Having a clear understanding on these types may lead to having lucrative deals.

The most common type is called the UBC Loose. This type of aluminum consists of basically cans used for colas, beer, or any other beverage. After shredding them, they may be utilized in several ways especially in an industrial-related business. We also have the Auto Wheels or Auto Transmission scraps. They are found and collected from automotive industry, hence the name. Certain parts may require disassembling before they can be re-purchased. One of the most common scrap aluminum types is the Cable Scrap. This type has practically one of the best values in the market. Another type which has also an advantage in terms of value is the Remelt Aluminum. Metal workers can make use of this type conveniently.

The metal found in the sidings of buildings is also another type and they are called Clean Painted Aluminum. Alumifoil is the scrap from foil made of aluminum. Before reselling this type of scarp, one should remember to clean it very well and see to it that it is residue-free. Scrap containing iron components called Irony aluminum may be considered low in value. Thus the price is way below than the other types of scraps. Dross is the waste or excessive materials found during the production of aluminum. The good kinds usually come in two colors either black or white.

The value of scrap aluminum depends on its material content and cleanliness. Knowing these types can give you an absolute edge on which type to collect and resell.

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