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How to Varnish Indian Wooden Furniture

Varnishing is a popular way to apply a protective coating to all types of Indian wooden furniture. It gives the furniture a protective and shiny covering and helps in resisting grease, water, dirt and several other contaminants to affect the surface of the furniture. Experts are of the opinion that Indian wooden furniture lasts longer when properly varnished.

Before you apply the varnish on your Indian wooden furniture, prepare an area to work. The room must have plenty of fresh air circulation. It must have the proper temperature. But make sure that the furniture isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. The heat would cause fast drying of the varnish.

If the furniture has been varnished earlier, you’ll need to check the condition. If you find the existing varnish to have been discolored or damaged, you’ll have to remove it by a stripper. Read carefully the varnishing instructions given by the Indian furniture manufacturers or wholesalers.

However, if the wooden furniture is fresh, first clean and dry it. Indian furniture wholesalers and manufacturers recommend using fine grade sandpaper for the purpose. You also have to choose the right brush for varnishing. A bristled brush is the best and it’ll help to alleviate the lines on the finishing. A new, clean brush is always recommended by Indian furniture manufacturers or wholesalers.

While applying the varnish, prepare to seal your Indian wooden furniture with the first coat itself. Bare wood needs to be sealed first and the best sealer is the varnish itself. But raw varnish can’t be applied directly on Indian wooden furniture. Hence, Indian wooden wholesalers and manufactures usually advice using a thinner with the varnish. To mix the two, pour a measured volume of the varnish into a container and then pour a similar volume of mineral spirits and stir slowly and thoroughly.

Now to apply the varnish, dip your sealer into your container. Raise the brush and wait for some time to let the excess solution drip. Then, brush your varnish onto the bare surface of your Indian wooden furniture by straight, long strokes. To get the best result, brush along the grain of the wood and brush evenly.

You’ll need the first coat to dry completely overnight and then proceed to the next step. Having dried the wood, use a fine sandpaper for smoothing the surface. After the wood becomes dry wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Then, repeat your sealing process. The whole varnishing process is usually over with a couple of coats.

While varnishing Indian wooden furniture, remember not to dip your brush directly into the can of varnish. This could lead to a contamination of the entire can. As each coat of varnish dries, make sure that you use the sandpaper to dry any overlapping varnish before applying the next coat.

Proper varnishing can make Indian wooden furniture look new for ages. In fact, your furniture can attain an antique value when you take proper care of it and Indian furniture wholesalers and manufacturers are very meticulous in maintaining their products.

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