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How to Use Affiliate Links Effectively to Make Money Online

Getting Credited for Sales Using The Power of Affiliate Links. As an affiliate marketer you aim to make commissions from your sales. In order to be credited for your sales, the vendor needs to know that you were responsible for making that sale. How is this done? Have you got to contact the vendor of the product every time that one of your leads or customers makes a purchase? No, you don’t. In the modern world of affiliate marketing, the whole system is automated for both you and the vendor. This is another powerful reason that affiliate marketing can make you so much money while you sleep. This is achieved by the use of affiliate links.

Affiliate links are unique internet links that take the person who clicks on them to a web page associated with the product which is for sale and automatically register with the vendor’s system the fact that you have referred a particular person to that site. The automatic system might identify the potential customer by the unique electronic identity number of their home computer or laptop or it might identify them with you when they share their details with the vendor’s website in a webform. Either way, the advanced technology intrinsic in these affiliate links will ensure that you get credited with any purchases that visitor makes from that vendor either immediately or a long way into the future! So, for example, you could be earning affiliate commissions from a person who buys a product from one of your vendors years after you first referred them!

How do I get an Affiliate Link? You must generate your own ALs in order to stand a chance of being credited for your sales. Does that sound daunting? It’s not really because once again the whole process is automated and user friendly. You don’t have to be a HTML coding wizard in order to generate these links. When you select a ClickBank product to promote, it will give you the option to generate your own link. Simply select “yes” and the screen will display a unique affiliate link. This is the link that your customers need to click on to be taken to the sales page, whereupon the system will automatically recognise that they arrived on their sales page via your link. You will be rewarded for all the marketing efforts that you made in order to get the customer to click on your link when they buy a product and you pick up the commission.

Masking “Ugly” Affiliate Links. Be aware that the ALs often contain a long sequence of random numbers and letters which make the link unique to you. These usually appear aesthetically “ugly” to the eye. Some people feel that customers are less likely to click on an ugly link or URL (uniform resource locator) in this format. If you agree with that philosophy then you can always “mask the link”. This means changing what the link looks like. For example: if your unique link was something like</a>

you could make the link Click Here but hide your affiliate link behind this. This is a little bit technical but it is really quite easy to do. In Microsoft Word, just go to Insert, Hyperlink. Then put your preferred link text in the “Text to display” field and copy your true affiliate link into the “Address” field. There you go. You’ve got yourself a fully masked hyperlink.

In this article you learned about the technology behind affiliate links and how to mask your ugly affiliate links to make them more attractive to your customers.

Source by Dr Bradley Tomkins

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