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How to Set Up a Web Based SCADA System

Checking the status of an automation system over a web page is convenient and often necessary in this fast paced, always changing, always evolving world. Turning a light or valve on or off from a computer at your home or office can save you time and money in comparison to traveling out to sites for status and maintenance. You can save a trip and spend more time with your family.

If you have an existing application that involves things like PLC’s and I/O modules you can bring your system to a local PC Based SCADA Control and Monitoring system. You can configure the SCADA system to pull the data from the controller and data acquisition modules. You can configure controls that can monitor things like temperature, conveyor status, and valves. You can use a Web Server like Web Publishing for KingView to make the SCADA system web accessible. In SCADA software, drivers are provided which enable you to communicate with different PLC’s, Data Acquisition modules and devices. Installation of a web server allows you to serve the SCADA system out so web clients on remote machines can access the data over a web page.

If you have a simple project that consists of a Modbus RTU based device, you can bring this to the Internet for data collection with a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateway like tGW-718 which has 1 RS-232/422/485 port. Then you can create a custom web server on your computer to show the data in an organized fashion. You can use your preferred web programming language like java, C#, or PHP. You can create user logins to access the page from any location and can limit access to related personnel.

If you have a complex project you can use a sophisticated customizable controller with a web server like WP-5141-XW107. You can create a program to run in the controller with any of the.NET languages like C#, VB.NET, or C++. You can also use the web server inside to allow for a web based SCADA system so you can check the status remotely or turn a device like a light on or off.

Web Based SCADA systems offer flexibility and convenience. You can configure SCADA systems to schedule alarms to be sent when undesirable conditions occur like when a pump stops working, a tank is leaking, a flood occurs, a refrigerator door is left opened or when the temperature is out of range. Then you can go log onto a PC and check the status of the system over a web page. You can click a button or make changes to best protect the overall system. This can result in great overall savings and prevent future damage. Web based SCADA systems can allow you to collect data from all over the world and have it displayed in a clear, organized, and straight forward way. You can use Web based SCADA systems to monitor and control simple or complex systems.

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