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How to Kickflip Down Stairs

Step 1. First find a nice set of stairs. I recommend starting small somewhere between a 2 set and 4 set. Make sure the stairs are in good quality and there nothing on the ground to get in the way of your landing.

Step 2.Once you found your set of stairs do a couple ollies down it to get warmed up as well as get a feel for the specific stairs. Then make sure your kickflip is consistent on flat ground. Now your ready.

Step 3. Approach the set of stairs with the amount of speed needed to clear it.

Step 4. Right before your front wheel get to the edge of the stairs pop your skateboard.

Step 5.Then perform your kickflip like you would on flat ground, but instead of flicking the board fast, flick it slowly. This will will make it so the board won’t over flip.

Step 6. At this point the skateboard is flipping underneath you. At first site of the grip tape stop that shit.

Step 7. Ride away with style and a big grin on your face.


Learning to kickflip down a set of stairs can be very challangeing but it is very rewarding to land.

My Big Tip:

My biggest tip would be to make sure to flick the skateboard slowly. This allows you not to over flip the board.

Trouble Shooting:

Question: I can’t clear the staircase when trying to kickflip down it

Answer: Approach the staircase with more speed or pop and flick the skateboard more out when performing the kickflip.

Question: I can’t get the confidence to kickflip down a set of stairs.

Answer: To gain confidence try kickflipping down a curb. Get to the point where you can do this with absolute confidence. Then try kickfliping down a set of stairs.

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