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How to Interpret Dreams About Teeth

The most common dreams about teeth involve having them all fall out. These dreams can be quite disturbing and often leave vibrant images with you that last throughout the day or even longer. As with all dreams, interpretation and symbolization is subjective and can mean different things to different people.

In general, if you have dreamt about your teeth falling out it may mean a few different things. Since our teeth are very visible, dreams of losing them usually represent some type of anxiety regarding our appearance. Frequently this involves our thoughts about how we appear to those around us. Losing teeth can also symbolize fear, perhaps of aging or maybe of embarrassment in a social situation or sexual impotence. The loss of teeth signifies a feeling of powerlessness and inferiority, especially where the physical appearance is concerned.

Dreams about teeth can also symbolize a few other subconscious feelings:

> Dreams about teeth that are sparkly and gleaming represent happiness and wish fulfillment.

> Dreaming about decaying or rotten teeth usually has a negative meaning. Perhaps you are in bad health or having difficulties at work or in your business, ie. something is going bad. Rotting teeth may also mean lies you have told in the past are coming back to haunt you.

> Having a dream where you are brushing your teeth can signify self confidence and mean you are prepared to overcome certain struggles. Teeth brushing may also mean that you need to get aggressive about protecting yourself and your interests.

> When the wisdom teeth show up in your dreams, their meaning is pretty obvious. It has to do with knowledge – learning something new, perhaps about yourself. Having a dream that involves your wisdom teeth can also be a reminder to use your head before making any big decisions, or a warning that you are about to do something stupid.

> Dreaming about cavities goes along the same lines as dreaming about your teeth falling out, indicating some type of insecurity. This self-doubt is not always associated with your appearance, however, which makes sense since cavities are not as visible as missing teeth. Dreams about having cavities in your teeth may mean that you are not confident in yourself in general or in some specific situation.

> Not surprisingly, dentures usually signify some type of deception. If you dream that you are wearing dentures, it could mean that you are lying about something in your life. This may even be something that you do not realize you are being deceptive about. If someone else is wearing the dentures in your dream, it may be a warning that you are the one being deceived.

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