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How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally – 2 Methods to Keep Them at Bay

So you’ve got a spider problem huh?

I know exactly how you feel – I had a nasty spider problem. I didn’t bother me at the beginning until I started getting more, and then they started biting my little girls.

I got rid of them by doing preventive measures and creating a natural spider repellent. Here’s two things you have to do to keep your spider problem at bay:

Mark Your Territory

Chase the spiders out! Check every nook and cranny possible. They love wood products and they’ll hide anywhere – even in your vents. If you’ve got a dresser that has unused “racks” – check ’em. Spiders will not think twice about hiding in your clothes. If you’ve got stuff laying around then just get rid of it.

Sweep the spiders up and check places you normally can’t clean; under couches, underneath kitchen tables… if you’ve got spider invasion then they are there – trust me.

Clean up under bed and get rid of clutter. Move your beds away from the walls and pick up all the cardboard and other wood stuff you have lying around on the floor. This includes the area around your house

Prep Your Home

If you like cats – great. Cats just happen to love spiders and they’ll help you get rid of the buggers. Put some eucalyptus in and round your house because spiders hate the scent.

Did you know spiders taste with their feet? Make them disgusted by cleaning your home with the lemon scented cleaner – it’ll turn the spiders completely off.

Wait! – Don’t skip out on doing these things for your home!

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