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How to Fix Rundll32 Exe Errors and Stop the Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

Rundll32.exe errors can cause frustrating problems on your computer. As you try to fix rundll32.exe, keep the following information in mind.

These errors can cause computer crashes and blue screens of death. Luckily, there are ways to fix the problem without having to buy a new system.

Why Am I Having Rundll32 Errors?

These errors are caused when a program cannot properly access the dll file from the database.

There can be many causes for this problem: faulty programs, system bugs, and even viruses.

It’s best to check each of these possibilities until you feel confident that you have eliminated the problem.

Faulty and Buggy Programs Cause Errors

If you have recently installed or uninstalled programs on your computer, then that could be a likely cause for your dll error.

Your best bet is to uninstall any new software from your computer. If you have recently uninstalled a program, then you probably need to install and uninstall it again to make certain that it uninstalled properly.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, then you will need to continue troubleshooting until you find the solution.

To corner the buggy file, try tweaking your boot process until you single out the problematic file.

o Go to Start > Run.

o Type “msconfig” in the box

o You should now by at the System Configuration Utility

o Choose the selective startup option

o Leave one file selected

o Click ok.

o Reboot

o Keep booting up with only one of these files selected each time (process of elimination)

o When you run into an error during reboot, then you have found your problem!

Check Your PC with Up-to-date Antivirus Software

Viruses like to attack system files (like dll files) because they can be difficult to detect and more difficult to remove.

They also like to use the registry as a kind of back door into your PC.

I recommend scanning your computer regularly for viruses and spyware. Twice a week should be sufficient, if you are quite active online.

If you have found that it is a virus that is causing your error, then you should consider keeping a firewall up on your computer for added and continued safety.

Viruses can be nasty and tricky things. They like to infect your registry, as that tends to be an inherent Windows system vulnerability.

If you’re looking for a registry cleaner to fix rundll32.exe errors, check out the site and find out more information on troubleshooting your computer problems.

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