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How To Change Your Christmas Theme And Color

When my daughter asked for a purple Christmas tree this year, I wasn’t sure how I would make that happen. My Christmas decor for many years has been red and gold. She wanted purple and silver. On a green Christmas tree? I just couldn’t see it. But ‘purple’ the color of Christmas royalty.

So I ordered a new heavy flocked, layered spruce, pre-lit Christmas tree from Sterling Tree Company, and started searching for ornaments and decorations. I had a whole box of white lace, beaded laces, and pearls from years of designing wedding gowns, so I pulled those out along with several boxes of new purple, white, and silver balls in various sizes. At the craft store, I purchased several yards of purple tulle, and several yards of silver tulle, to have for filler and color as I decorated the tree.

I just have to say, “Thank God, for pre-lit Christmas trees!”

Then, we got to work.

First, I twisted and knotted the tulle, swagging it with long strands of pearls and silver beads around the tree, filling in any open spaces by poofing out the tulle in those areas. We tucked it deep into the branches, to encourage that glistening glow of color from the white lights that adorned the pre-lit tree. And stepped back to make sure the appearance was balanced and “Christmas” festive.

Then we hung a deluge of colored Christmas bulbs on the pre-lit tree leaving “prime ornament space” for the decorator ornaments we had in mind. With our Christmas tree filled with color, plenti-purpl-ey as the girls said, we spread out a sheet on the table and started working on our decorator ornaments.

Snowflakes –

White plastic flakes were brushed with glue, dusted with glitter and left to dry on the back of table.

Lacy Purple Christmas Bulbs –

Shiny purple bulbs were brushed with a layer of glue and then lace was arranged on the surface, trimmed to fit, and tied with purple ribbons.

Silver Bulbs –

Brushed with a thin layer of glue and dipped in glitter snow were covered from the bottom up, with a layer of snowy, frost-like, glitter.

Clear bulbs –

We made paper funnels and filled clear bulbs with purple and silver confetti, just a third full, so they could glimmer and shine from the colors and lights.

Some of the clear bulbs included bits of lace, or tulle tucked inside with the confetti to form shapes to better reflect the lights. Then we tied them with silver ribbon.

Gifts under the tree wrapped with shiny purple and silver paper were topped with sparkling ribbons and more ornaments. Bags filled with gifts were edged in purple paper and tied with bows.

Left over purple and silver Christmas bulbs and ornaments were placed in various crystal bowls, and vases around the room to amp up the color factor. We added shimmer and shine with glitter dazzled bulbs and sequined ribbon. Then included some of the more glittery decorations arranged on shelves and tables with scattered glitter snowflakes.

My grandson thought some of the Christmas gifts and bags needed to be scattered around the room in baskets and on tables, to add more color to dark corners. Ultimately, we ended up dropping a strand of purple lights into the bottom of a basket filled with silver and purple wrapped presents to brighten one corner.

Before long, my daughter’s modern black leather furniture and white decor had become a backdrop for the purple sparkles and Christmas. As my grandson told his Daddy’s Master Sargeant, if you think THIS is fancy, you should come see our Christmas Feast! Come on over…

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