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Hobbies For The Tech-Savvy Male

This article is about 2 interesting hobbies for the technical minded person. These hobbies are also more popular with boys and men, rather than with girls and women.

The hobbies that are popular with modern tech savvy males are as the following:

1. Robot building. This is for the engineer and creator in all of us (males). Many of us are inspired by androids and robots such as R2D2 and C3PO from Stars Wars fame. Some of us are inspired by more modern icons such as the irobot. This hobby allows the hobbyists to assemble a robotic brainchild for scratch. Typically, the parts consist of mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Some of the more complex and advanced ones come also with programming languages and software. These software become the artificial intelligence of our robotic creations. One of the most popular line of product for the hobby of Robot Building is Lego Mindstorm. Lego Mindstorm comes with an incredible array of parts, kits and components. This allows the hobbyist to come up with many combinations of robotic creations.

2. Remote Control Helicopters. This is an expensive hobby for rich boys and men. It is popularly known as RCH for short. There are several different classes of helicopters. The complexity of the helicopters are determined by the number of channels that they can receive. The aircraft can also differ greatly in terms of size too. Most hobbyists hang out in local Remote Control Helicopter communities and clubs. Those are the places where they can share information and tips about their favorite hobby.

Well these are just 2 tech hobbies for males. There are many more. I will talk about them some time later. Thanks for reading.

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