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Golden Sand Beaches, Wonderful Palaces, and Exquisite Cuisine – India Has It All

From the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. India, one of the largest countries in the world hosts a large range of landscapes, cultures and people. India remains to be stricken with poverty in some areas, affecting approximately a quarter of the people. Reach beyond the poverty and what you will find will surpass your imagination.

India, a truly religious country, most populated by Hinduism has many religious buildings and shrines, it is important to display respect when visiting these sites.

The best time to visit India is after the Monsoon season between November and March, temperatures averaging 80° F and above in the main.

It is impossible to travel and see all India has to offer in one trip. Most popular with travellers is the “Golden Triangle” in the north – starting in Delhi – the colonial capital, to Agra – home of the magnificent Taj Mahal to the city of Jaipur.

Festivals are rich in abundance, some of the most popular Puris Rath Yatra, Hemis, Kullu’s Dussehra, Kumbh Mela, Durga Puja and Pushkar’s camel fair. If you time your visit when one of these festivals takes place then prepare yourself for a truly wonderful experience, full of vibrant colour, traditional costumes, music and much much more.

Thrissur Puram – Kerala’s biggest temple festival. More than a hundred colourfully decorated elephants, preceded by drummers and musicians participate in this spectacular event between Thrissur’s Tiruvambadi and Paramekkavu temples – each trying to outdo the other to put on the most impressive show. The climax of the show is a spectacular firework display.

Places of Interest – There are too many to mention individually, but there is something to do or see for everyone. From exquisite palaces, religious monuments, caves, national parks, museums, temples to vast expanses of golden sandy beaches.

The world renowned Taj Mahal – Shah Jahan’s monument to love – sitting on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra. Built of ivory- white marble, this mausoleum will leave you in awe, the sheer beauty of the building, its surroundings, the history and romance is a visit not to be missed.

Indian Cuisine – very much divided between North and South cuisine, but there are regional cuisines including Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Goan, Keralan and Kashmiri each having their own speciality dish.

North India – Creamy rich meat and vegetable dishes in thick tomato, onion and yoghurt-based sauces, accompanied by thick breads, chapatti and naan.

South India – almost all vegetarian, with spicy chilli and coconut flavours and lots of rice. Served as it is or with dosa pancakes.

Outdoor Activities include trekking, mountaineering, caving, skiing, white water rafting, diving and snorkelling in addition to camel trekking. Many of the activities you can enjoy in many parts of the world, however, if you have not done if before camel trekking is a must.

Camel Trek tours from: Jaisalmer – Western scenic trek of the Thar Dessert.

From: Bikaner – Eastern trek of the Thar Dessert. Not as busy as Jaisalmer.

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