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Getting the 8 Pack Abs You Dream About

In the past it was all about losing that big belly and getting a flat belly, well that has not changed. Every guy at one stage or another in his life has wanted, wished or even tried getting that flat belly with rock hard 6 pack abs. Some guys do get that 6 pack but some guys train their abs all the time and still do not get that 6 pack.

So I am here to tell you that you can get an 8 pack if you do simple exercises the right way and you mix in a good diet in there. First of all I will say ever since Twilight everyone wants that Lautner 8 pack, but the reality is not everyone is meant to have 8 packs, maybe your genetics allow for a 6 pack or a 4 pack allocation. Many bodybuilders and fitness models have trained hard and not gotten 8 packs but have gotten a hardcore midsection that the rest of us wants.

So lets get down to business, if your diet is composed of only take away and junk food then your chances of getting that hardcore mid-section are very slim unless you are a genetic freak, no matter how much you exercise. Secondly you should treat your abs just like any other muscle in your body when it comes to your training, your abs need rest so over training is no good for proper growth and recovery. Besides you exercising your abs, other workouts also put pressure on your core so you are indirectly training your abs when you do alter workouts such as heavy lifts. You need to drink a lot of water as it is essential for muscle building and recovery because you need to replace water lost during your workout and because your body is made up of mostly water you need it in order for your body to recover and to increase blood volume because your blood carries all essential nutrients needed by your body.

Now down to the exercising bit, I will tell you a little secret, all ab exercises work for a certain amount of time but after a while repeating the same ab exercises in the same rep range, your body gets used to it and no longer deems it necessary to grow more and thicken, so you reach a plateau even with abs. What you should be doing to get results is to have two days a week dedicated to training abs or mix it in with one of your other workouts that don’t take out too much of your energy and do 3 sets of 25 crunches or sit-ups then increase it the next week, the sets or the number of reps so your body does not get used to it. You should exercise till failure to push growth. And on day 2 of ab training you could do hanging leg raises, jacknives, planks or various other ab exercises increasing intensity every week. Every couple of weeks you could change your combination to keep your ab muscles guessing and growing.

The important thing is not necessarily which ab exercise you do but whether its testing your limits and that you change things up every now and then. And oh before I forget add some intense cardio to burn some belly fat.

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