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GE Circuit Breakers

Do you know and understand the different types of GE circuit breakers? After reading this article you will understand the four major types. The General Electric Company is an American corporation that leads the industry in creating and manufacturing innovative electronics products. Formed in 1890 by infamous Thomas Edison, GE quickly took over the market with key patents that stopped the competition in its tracks. There are various types of GE circuit breakers. Below I’ll explain some of their most popular options.

1. EntelliGuard G GE Circuit Breakers

EntelliGuard G breakers are the newest and most innovative choice on the market today. This low-voltage device is known for its exceptional reliability along with its performance. Available in both 3 and 4-pole designs ranging in ratings between 400 and 6000 amps, they are extremely versatile and can be incorporated in practically all commercial and industrial buildings. They are definitely a great option to consider for your panel.

2. EntelliGuard TU Trip Units

Credit for reliability should be given to the new EntelliGuard TU Trip Units. These new trip units offer system protection and monitoring without compromising other important features such as selectivity. With response times under 100ms that are practically instantaneous. The system protects high-powered currents up to 100kA. They are a great option for your electrical system.

3. GE circuit breakers THQL

THQL GE circuit breakers come in both 1-inch and the exclusive 1/2-inch models. Each model is seen as a superior unit that will utilize panel space wonderfully. Whether you are upgrading your electrical panel or you are performing a new installation, THQL GE breakers save both money and space. The residential THQL GE breaker types range in designs and amperage. Be sure to find out which is appropriate for your project since there are several options. The 1/2-inch design comes in either 1 or 2 poles ranging from 15 to 50 amps. The THQL 1-inch comes in 1 to 3 pole designs ranging in amperage from 15 to 200 amps. With so many options, residential properties of all sizes can be powered.

4. GE GFCI Circuit Breakers

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interruption. The National Electric Code requires that applications such as bathrooms, spas or garages must use GFCIs for protection against common overloads and ground faults. Because the applications requiring GFCI can cause serious harm to individuals if they are shocked, it is important to choose a trusted manufacturer when purchasing your units. GE GFCI products quickly shut off power when they detect a leak of electrical current that could cause serious shocks. Ranging in voltage ratings of 120 and 240 volts, these GE circuit breakers are well respected in the industry. They make a great choice for those areas that require the extra security.

It is important to do your research when selecting either GE industrial or GE residential breakers. Because GE Energy is well known for industrial and residential solutions, many consumers on either platform are choosing their products. Refer to the official GE website to learn more about their products then choose the amperage level and pole design that is compatible with your project. With the many options out there I hope this article has helped you understand some of the options this company has to offer.

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