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Engineering Profession in Career Astrology

Profession plays a major role in an individual life. Nowadays everybody is concerned about having a right career and career growth. By astrological consultation the native can decide on a rewarding profession, desired results and inner satisfaction. Symptoms of a future career are seen in the native horoscope.

Factors responsible for engineering profession

· Mars—related to courage, energy, arms, tools industries, electricity, thermal power, engineering

· Saturn—related to labour, iron and steel industries, care and maintenance of machinery, industrial research, deep knowledge

· Ascendant (governing the native capability interaction, vitality)

· 2nd house (status and accumulated wealth)

· 3rd house (learning, initiative and communication)

· 5th house (intellect and speculative gains)

· 6th house (financial stability and debts)

· 7th house (partnership and foreign tours)

· 8th house (gains and obstacles)

· 9th house (fortunes and short journeys)

· 10th house (profession)

· 11th house (income and gains)

· 12th house (losses and relation with foreign land)

Different Combinations for Engineering Profession

· Saturn posited in ascendant in Mars sign [Aries or Scorpio] aspect the 10th house, gives engineering profession

· Mars posited in ascendant in Saturn sign [Capricorn or Aquarius] denotes engineering profession

· 5th/10th house/lord influenced by Saturn/Mars

· 3rd lord combines with Mars, and aspect by Saturn

· Saturn is 9th lord and Mars is 11th lord related to each other

· Saturn and Mars exchange each other sign, combine, or aspect each other

· Sun and Moon in ascendant and Saturn and Mars in 10th house

· In Aries ascendant Saturn in 4th house and Mars in 10th house

· Saturn and Mars in Leo ascendant, and Jupiter in 4th hose

· 3rd lord and 7th lord combine in Virgo ascendant, aspect by Saturn and Mars




Source by Geeta Jha

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