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Do You Have Natural Witch Characteristics?

Natural witch characteristics are much disputed. Firstly some doubt the existence of them. Some disagree over what characteristics should indicate natural witchery and lastly some are of the opinion that they are irrelevant to the Craft given that it is mostly about study and practise anyway. However, I do believe that natural witch characteristics exist and, if spotted in someone who has not had the opportunity to learn about Wicca or witchcraft, can really open up possibilities to an individual that has a true calling in life. You have likely found this article as you are experiencing things around you that you cannot explain so I have put together some of what I believe are the strongest indicators to give you a guide of what to look for.

1) Some natural witch characteristics may not always strike you as being such at first as they are more often associated with the psychic realm. You may find that you get random predictions of the future come to you, strong senses of the feelings and thoughts of others and most commonly of all, psychic dreams. This can be a bit frightening at first as there is often no one to talk to this about and you will feel a little out of control. There is nothing necessarily unique to being a natural witch in this, but there will often be a strong trend for clairsentience.

2) Again in the psychic realm, you may find that you are a natural at divination techniques. Be they the tarot cards, runes or astrology, you will find yourself drawn to the energies given off by undertaking these practises and will be able to almost see the ‘charge’ surrounding the powers at work. This is an excellent way to becoming familiarised with the use of tools and to appreciate the value of cultivating a connection with them. This will stand you in good stead for using witchcraft tools during your spell or ritual work.

3) Another good indicator of natural witch characteristics being present is that it runs in families. It doesn’t have to be in the immediate family however so it could include aunts/uncles, cousins and of course long gone relatives. If it does run in your family, it will of course be easier for you to understand what is happening and you are likely to find your true path at an earlier age.

4) Another natural witch characteristic that I put a lot of stock in is being affected by moon cycles. Natural witches will often find themselves restless and excitable leading up to, and including, a full moon before they learn to recognise this for what it is. When they are on their path to learning the Craft this will start to make more sense and it will become an energy that the natural witch can channel and put to good use!

5) Natural witches are often drawn to either the sea, gardening or both. It is a love of nature and of feeling quite at home and in yet awe of its power. You may also find that not only do you have an affinity with nature but can work exceptionally well with it.

6) Another natural witch characteristic is to be drawn to animals and to be at home in their company. You may feel that you naturally understand what they are trying to communicate or it may be that you identify with their connection to the world around them and the way in which they’ve adapted to their environment. You too will be resourceful and unafraid of nature but will also be able to sense danger approaching in the same instinctive way that animals can. You will almost be able to feel it in the air. Many witches and warlocks go on to choose their name on the basis of their close alikeness to a particular animal, feeling they share similar traits.

7) You may not have started to experiment with any spell work as yet, but a strong sign of natural witchery is to be an intuitive worker. You will have seen this in they way you have felt all through your life, be it school or your job. The natural witch will have an instinct on how something should be done that is apart from thought processes and certainly doesn’t take the shape of words or logic. It just comes to you and you instantly know what you want to do. Some have even described this instinct as like another limb that you can flex at will. From this follows a very independent personality type and you may even prefer working alone. This is not because you are incapable of working in a team (and you may rediscover the joys of this if you join a coven of like-minded people) but simply because you find it more effective to follow your heart and get the job done your way!

8) The last natural witch characteristic I will include is the tendency to be able to channel healing energies. Your touch can be very soothing and comforting to others in need and if you chose to develop this skill, you may be able to work in psychic healing. I feel that this can often come from a very resilient part of the natural witch’s disposition. Having the strength to fend off life’s trials, you have an abundance of energy left to share and can offer this to others in their time of need.

I hope that you have been able to pick out some useful information here and that this may have inspired you to investigate any abilities and gifts you have. It does need to be said however, that displaying natural witch characteristics will only be the beginning of the journey. Wicca and witchcraft are religions and disciplines and you will still need to study and practise in order to be able to use your ability. You will likely find that you learn quicker and make more progress than others but don’t underestimate the need for hard work!

If you would like to join me on my blog, I have constantly updated free spells and information for you to enjoy.

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