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"Decorator Ready" Condominiums

Buyers in the market for luxury high-rises maybe surprised to learn that they are usually sold as basic shells described as “decorator ready”. Typically the condos are nothing more than blank slates without flooring, cabinetry or appliances. Condo owners are allowed to completely customize the unit to their personal style. The buyer of a “decorator ready” condo would be required to contract an interior designer or construction firm to complete the unit.

The term “decorator ready” can actually refer to two types of units, white box and grey box. White box units typically have drywall and some moldings and doors. A grey box unit is “bare bones” with no drywall or fixtures. Both require a licensed general contractor and some local permits.

With most “decorator ready” units being sold pre-construction, the final build out will add at least another three months to the completion of the condo. Buyers would be advised to begin searching for a builder or interior designer immediately after purchasing the unit. A local builder or design firm is recommended, because they are more familiar with local ordinances, building codes, and labor policies.

Most buyers decide to use an experienced design firm to complete the build out of the condo. A good design firm should provide detailed conceptual drawings to explain the project’s objective and scope. Conceptual drawing should include both artist renderings and CAD drawings. No detail should be left out of the plans. The designer should coordinate every aspect of the project; from architecture and lighting to flooring and furniture.

The design firm typically will advise and work with the general contractor to complete structural and permitted work. The general contractor will hire sub contractors and supervise the installation of framing, plumbing, drywall, and electrical. A good general contractor will ensure that the project stays on time and meets the local building codes.

The finished product should be a unique space that reflects the tastes of the residents. With the help of talented designers and qualified contractors, the tower residence can be a Shangri-La in the sky. In order to achieve the ultimate in comfort and style, condo buyers should make certain they choose a reputable and experienced builder.

Sovereign Homes will work closely with interior designers and architects to ensure that the interior finishing of your home exceeds your expectations! We are fully cognizant of the nuances that pertain to work schedules and construction protocol in these new buildings, and can offer expedient, cost-efficient and professional service, with the same level of quality control that is provided in our custom-home program.

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