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Citrix HDX SmartAccess in Plain English

HDX or High Definition User Experience is central to Citrix Workforce Mobility and virtualisation products. The company aims to give users optimum experience with high definition multimedia, voice, video and graphics.

Those using Citrix remote working solutions are guaranteed that they will be given the best experience no matter what device they are using. It is just like sitting in front of your office computer. This entails striking a balance between bandwidth and performance, so even if you are working with high latency or low bandwidth Internet connection, there are no performance problems.

This is the reason why Citrix has different technologies that ensures seamless mobile experience. Citrix workforce mobility technologies include:

  • HDX Media Stream, which gives you the best multimedia experience.
  • HDX RealTime, which allows you to broadcast and receive both voice and video in real time.
  • HDX Broadcast, which optimises delivery of voice and video over any network.
  • HDX Plug n Play, which allows you to access peripherals simply and easily.
  • HDX RichGraphics with RemoteFX, which gives you high performance and high quality graphics.
  • HDX WAN Optimization, which optimizes your bandwidth and performance.
  • HDX Adaptive Orchestration, which maximizes the resources of your server, network and end user points.

But when it comes to Citrix Remote Working solutions, nothing tops Citrix HDX SmartAccess.

With HDX SmartAccess, end users can access their applications and desktop anytime and anywhere, using any device, including desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and even kiosks. What’s more, users do not have to remember a lot of passwords or go through numerous authentication prompts because of its single sign on feature.

How does it work?

SmartAccess uses Citrix Access Gateway products, which is offered as a virtual or physical appliance. The Citrix Access Gateway allows your employees to access your network securely via a SSL VPN tunnel.

IT personnel can set up different access options and security policies with Access Gateway. When an end user connects to the server or network, the device is scanned and SmartAccess ensures that it meets the security policies that are set for it. Depending on how the device meets the set policies, it will be granted full or partial access. For example, if everything is okay, the user is granted access to the applications and desktops that the user wishes to access. But for example, if the user is using a public computer in an Internet cafe or kiosk, he or she will only be granted specific access and may not be able to download files or use certain applications.

This means that IT has full control as to how you could access your desktop. If you use a device that is less than secure, you will have limited access to lessen the security risks. However, end users will still have enough access to be able to do their work, no matter where they are and what device they are using. In short, SmartAccess can help you better manage your Citrix Workforce Mobility and Citrix Remote Working solutions by giving your users a better experience while also helping your IT personnel keep control.

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