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Centrifugal Pumps: A Simple Introduction

There are various names by which the centrifugal pumps are known such as the hydrodynamic pump and the dynamic pressure pump. As the name suggests, the pump is manufactured using the basics of centrifugal force in consideration. The kinetic energy produced due to rotation of the turbine or electric engine/motor is turned to pressure in the liquid and thus the flow happens.

Advantages Of Centrifugal Pumps

When you compare these pumps in tandem with other pumps, they are easier-to-install. They are manufactured via the process of back pullout-design. In times of repair, the parts can be taken apart, fixed and work restarted within a short duration. But, you need the services of a professional to get the best.


The responsibility of moving any fluid is done by the impellers. The most important component is of course, the mechanical seal that prevents the fluids from leaking externally from the insides of the centrifugal pump.

The main body of a centrifugal pump consists of impeller, pump axis, bearing, stuffing box, seal ring and pump body.

Since the process involves movement of fluids, a large amount of pressure has to be dealt inside the pump. If the components are not properly attached, then the leakage of fluids can happen. The mechanical seals present between the pumping house and shaft assist in keeping a tab on the pressure caused due to the rotation of shafts. However, the seals vary in size and functions as they are designed as per the industry and their work function.


Different types of industries use centrifugal pumps and they vary right from environmental plants, textile industries, power stations, food industries and water desalination plants.

Centrifugal pumps can also be made the best use of in large gardens or aquatic ponds.

Selection Of Inferior Quality Seals

Just imagine the catastrophe that can be caused if the leakage happens. There may be loss of life and resources.


If you have got an inexperienced operator, naturally the electric motor will be affected as the impeller will get affected. In this case, a swift action is essential.

If the centrifugal pumps displays signals of vibration and gives noise, then the impeller has become eroded. Some of the debris may have entered the impeller and the result is corrosion. The impeller has to be replaced for proper functioning of the centrifugal pump.

If there is low pressure in the pump or low level of chemical fluids, then it is necessary that the pump be heated so that the flow is smooth.

If the shaft, impeller are not properly aligned, there can be un-balancement. The pump may shake vigorously and the result will be other parts may get loosened, and the entire components may suffer damage.

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