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Burglar Bars – Can I Cut Through Yours With This Hand Tool?

Burglar bars come in 2 different forms. Are you using the right one? Don’t make a mistake and get burglar bars that will put your property and your family at risk. Find out what common mistake people make.

Burglar bars should be made out of tubular steel. Most customers automatically say they want “solid” bars because they think they are stronger. Solid does not always mean stronger. Solid bars can be cut easily with long handled bolt cutters.

“What?! How can that be?”

Bolt cutters are a tool that uses the physics of leverage. They use 2 very short blades, 2 very long handles and compound hinges to maximize leverage. When you push together the end of the handles, the force is exponentially multiplied. This means the further away from the hinge the force is applied the greater the cutting force.

Typical bolt cutters can produce 4000 pounds of cutting force from only 50 pounds of force applied to the handle. That is a lot of force!

Combine this with hardened steel blades and you have one bad cutting tool capable of sheering through solid steel bars.

“If bolt cutters can cut through solid bars, then what is the point of burglar bars?”

This is where tubular bars come in to play. When you try to use cutters on tubular burglar bars the bar will pinch and collapse under the force of the bolt cutters then it will continue to get mangled up around the blades and never actually cut through.

Think back to when you had to use crappy dull scissors in school. When you tried to cut the paper it would fold up, get binded in the blades but never cut through cleanly. The same general principal applies here. You may eventually be able to cut through tubular bars but it is going to be a time consuming process that will frustrate intruders, cause lots of noise and tear up the blades on the bolt cutters.

Cutting through solid steel burglar bars are a breeze. With a fresh set of long handled bolt cutters and a little bit of muscle, a robber could rip through a few bars and gain quick access to your home and your family. Don’t make the mistake of going with solid bars because the word “solid” sounds more secure. Knowledge is power.

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