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Benefits of Copper Tea Kettles

There’s nothing like a perfect cup of tea. It is what kick starts your day and you want its aroma and flavor to infuse you with freshness. But with so many different kinds of tea-making equipment available, from stainless steel kettles to electric ones, which is the right one for you? Is there something out there you haven’t tried yet that could prepare your morning or afternoon cup faster and bring out the flavors better? This article aims to tell you the benefits of copper tea kettles and why they are becoming so popular.

Copper tea kettles bring to mind images from the Victorian era and give them impression of a rustic yet traditional and practical approach to life. However, few know the qualities and advantages of copper kettles or why they’re back in our post-modern gadget-friendly age.

Copper is an extremely ductile and malleable metal, and that makes it one of the fastest conductors of heat and electricity. Placed on a medium flame, copper kettles facilitate faster boiling of water than kettles made of any other metal. What’s more, these kettles let out a reliably loud whistle to alert you when your water is boiling. This makes these kettles an extremely practical option for making tea.

Another feature that makes these kettles popular is their easy maintenance. Tea has a tendency of staining a surface from constant use. However, metals like copper repeal any kind of staining and come out clean and sparkling even after a light wash.

Copper kettles are sturdy, durable and can be used for years without having to be replaced. The more modern ones come with wooden, fiber glass or even bone handles that prevent slippage or breaking and afford a more stylish, contemporary look on your tea tray. Moreover, you can rest assured your kettle will never accumulate fungus or bacteria.

Since copper can easily be beaten into different shapes, you can find some beautifully carved copper kettles in home décor or lifestyle stores. Everything from simple, traditional plain copper designs to combinations with wood or bone, and fancier carved kettles are available in the market today. As pretty to look at as it is functional, this kettle can add a touch of antique beauty and old world charm to your kitchen. So even if you are not one of those who would use it to actually utilize it for preparing tea, you could always consider using it as an inexpensive decorative item for your kitchen counter or dining area.

What’s more, fancy decorative copper kettles also make for a great gift item! Gift it to a friend, your mom, or even grandma and they’re sure to appreciate the gesture and cherish the gift. These kettles are affordable and cost anything upwards of $30 depending on what you’re looking for: functionality or appearance. Either way, you can be sure of striking a good deal without digging too far deep into your pockets. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a whistle call that’s sure to be loud and clear!

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